Hit 2 -person game screenshot [Photo = Nexon] [game Park Ye -jin] Nexon Games ‘Hit 2’, which was expected to be the first work of Nexon Games, is showing a strong billing model of MMORPG.

On the 26th, each expert is taking a commemorative photo at the Korean Game Society-Gyeongsil National Assembly Policy Debate.
[Photo = Reporter Park Ye -jin] [Korean Game Park Ye -jin reporter] Metavus, replacement token (NFT), blockchain

[Photo = Photo Wijet] [Park Ye-jin Park Ye -jin reporter] Photo Wijet (CEO Song In -sun) said it has exceeded 30 million cumulative users in 1 year and 11 months of service.

[Hyung-il Kim Park Ye -jin Reporter] Neptune’s subsidiary Onmind (CEO Hyung -il Kim) opened on the 25th at the live talk concert at the Seoul Popcorn event, its second virtual human (Virtual Human) Hana -ri (HA)

Mgame 2Q earnings summary (unit: million won) [Photo = Mgame] [operating profit Park Ye -jin] Mgame (CEO Kwon Lee -hyung) has sales of 13.3 billion won, operating profit of W3.9bn, and net profit of W3.9bn in the second quarter of this year.