Valorant Challengers: Infinity, 9z and All Knights Triumph on the First Day of South Challengers


The Valorant Challengers begins within the Competitive of LATAM with clashes that show the results of the squad training added to the new members of each of the teams that seek to advance inside the tournament to be able to take the possibilities of taking the first positions of the table
with a wide advantage that gives them better classification.

Infinity vs Ebro

Starting with Infinity’s duel against Ebro Gaming on an Ascent map where we see the infinity squad take the lead with a Veil who did a great job with Omen to deny the rivals on several occasions leaving the favorable things for them getting from
This way take the first map 13-10.
Going to the Map of Haven, Ligase would be the protagonist of the encounter with a Jet that would be lethal for the opposites that punished them on several occasions to have a wide advantage of rounds that would help them take the series in their favor.

MOX vs 9z

Going to the second confrontation we see Movistar Optic against 9Z in a Haven who would be quite closed by both parties, but it would be the violet tone that takes an advantage with Tull who would give him the opportunity to take the confrontation in his favor to have the front at this point.

During the second map we have pearl with a MOX team that showed a different temper to answer the rivals in this way to tie the series, but it would be Tull who will take the rapid casualties for 9Z leaving several times with complications to the rivals to be able to
take the confrontation on your side.

All Knights vs Furious Gaming

The third series would put a duel of All Knights against Furious Gaming in Pearl having the team of the diatonic knights with Cebuano using an Astra that showed a great strategy with its fumes to repeal on several occasions the rivals getting a wide advantage that
granted the triumph.
On the Icebox map the squad of the skull showed a different style of play with which it allows them
Third scenario.
An Ascent who would be the decider for this confrontation where both squads showed a great performance but Micromachine showed a great management of K/I to be able to punish the rivals on several occasions allowing the aggressive entries that ended up giving AK the opportunity to be able to take the
After three exciting Indio series of the South Tournament we have three teams that are triumphant with a wide sample of how they are prepared for this tournament, after these clashes now it’s time to wait for the next day that promises to be

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