– Explore Exotic Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy: Pokemon and Harry Potter Fans Unite!

Pokémon and Harry Potter fans come together;
Not only is there a game in which you can live your magical dreams and explore Hogwarts, but you can apparently go hunting exotic and unique creatures in Hogwarts Legacy.
That’s right, the game has shines, more or less.
Here is everything you need to know about all shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

How many bright beasts are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

In total, 12 of the 13 beasts that are in Hogwarts Legacy can catch each one of them four different variations: Adult Shiny (male), Adult Shiny (female), offspring shiny (male) and offspring shiny (female).
Next, we list all that can be done, as well as the color or combination of colors that best describes them.
Digital (pale/white)
Cooper (pale/albino)
Giant purple toad (albino purple)
Grafton (albino)
Hypocrisy (gray)
Jobber knoll (pale)
Nearly (brown-yo/yellow)
Luna calf (white)
Garbage (pale)
Puff skein (White)
Steal (silver/white)
Unicorn (gold)

How to grow bright beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to get brightness to be able to raise them to do even more, which leads to variants of each species, there is a quite simple trick that can follow.
The first thing you should do is make sure you find the lair of any beast you are trying to find.

Once you have concentrated in that location, you will want to keep manually, in case you find the bright beast in your first attempt.
To know if you have one in front of you, approach enough to approach and see the name of the creature without scaring it, since the label with the name will have a scintillating star symbol right next to the genre.


Image Source: Avalanche Software
If you do not see this flash, which is more likely, leave the line of vision of the den, open the map and press R3 to wait, cycling the day and night.
Once you have done that, keep and then re-load that save, reappearing a new beast and increasing the possibility of being brilliant.
Just do this with each one until you find a brilliant beast in Hogwarts Legacy and you will all have them instantly.
To get more information about the game, be sure to consult all the other related guides we have below.
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