Join us for the livestream in February and hope for DLC! – Last Journey Through the Intermediate Country Completion Date

I attempt not to hope too much, which I would suggest to you too.


A statement sounds logical, but it is likewise possible that the occasion truly only celebrates the existing game.
It would also be possible that no story DLC, but other content, would be announced, such as a manager rush mode.
Do you believe the announcement of a story extension at the occasion is most likely?
Do you hope so?

When did you complete your (last) journey through the intermediate country?
Elden Ring will soon be one year old.
As an outcome, many fans have actually ripped through the massive open world game several times and long for a story DLC.
The upcoming live stream, which has actually just been revealed, would be the ideal opportunity to reveal it.

Elden Ring birthday occasion in Sweden and in stream

That’s what it’s everything about: Elden Ring publishers Banzai NAMC has actually announced an occasion on the official Twitter channel that happens at the end of the month.
On the 25th.
February the first birthday of the action RPG is celebrated in Stockholm.
Do not stress, if you don’t even want to leap into the airplane: the whole thing is also offered as a livestream on Twitch.
The publisher promises to provide more info about the event soon.
A few program items are currently known:
Live program
Exclusive prices
Club test
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Information about the currently released multiplayer expansion and speculations on brand-new material can be found here:
18 2
more on the subject
Elder Ring-DLC: Rumors and Contents-everything at an overview
In December, the very first new content was brought into the intermediate country with a patch.
The end of the game has actually been able to complete in 3 colossus and a selection of different game modes and modifications.
For instance, we can contest battles, but also complete in all-against-all-all matches with different varieties of gamers.
Fodder had actually currently taken an appearance into the striking structures and hypothesized about the multiplayer expansion.
We are still waiting for a single player or story extension.
Data miner Lance McDonald declared in a discord conversation in December that something big would be on the go.
Samara Summer
@Also in winter
Like numerous fans, I have currently wished for a DLC announcement throughout the Video game Awards.
The wish did not come to life, however the upcoming event would obviously be the perfect opportunity for unveiling.

It is pretty particular that Elden Ring receives a minimum of one story extension.
Thanks to the great success, second of all, because from software primarily bring out add-ons to their games.
In my column I inform you why possible Elden Ring LCS could get back at much better than the primary game.

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