2 Forbidden Memory on February 14th, has risen four steps from last week. Analysis of the Number of Single Players and Ranking Impact of Final Fantasy 14

■ t Ranking-What is the online game that attracted attention in the calm ranking?

◎ Uninhabited content is coming, update ‘Final Fantasy 14’ 4-step rank up
-The ranking of the online MMORPG ‘Final Fantasy 14’, which is about to update the 6.2 ‘Memory of Forbidden’ on February 14, rose 4 steps from the previous week.
As well as users who have returned to expectations for new updates, as well as new year’s events, this is the result of newly introduced users.
In particular, the ‘uninhabited island’, which is updated this time, is expected to be able to enjoy a unique life by pioneering its own islands and living with their little friends.

◎ ‘Night Walker’, which has been running fast, and settled in 15th place by Lineage
-Night Walker, which was ranked 14th in two weeks immediately after its launch, was pushed to 15th place, falling first by Lineage this week.
The game expanded its maximum level from 80 to 100 on the 9th of last week, and added new content to add new content, and also introduced eight new theme areas.
Since the 12-week update roadmap has been released as an official website, if you show a steady update, it will not be difficult to maintain the leader-up table.

■ Domestic PC room ranking-February 2 weeks PC room weekly report

◎ A total of 18.94 million hours of using PC room on February 2, 1.1% less than last week
-PC room statistics service The logo was compiled by the Log of the Log, the total usage time of the second week of the second week was 18.94 million hours, down 1.1% from the previous week.
The weekly utilization rate was 15%on weekdays and an average of 20.9%on weekends, with an average of 16.7%on average, and the weekly share of the game was also not detected in the rankings.

◎ 0.47% difference between Sudden Attack and the market share… FPS first-place Valorant
-Valorant has had to stay in the second and third place in the same genre since its first FPS genre market share for the first time in October 2022.
However, since the market share of PC rooms is increasing, such as skipping Overwatch 2 recently, it is noteworthy that it will be able to recapture the first FPS genre.
As of February 2, FPS’s No. 1 Sudden Attack and Valorant are about 0.47%, and the difference is about 90,000 hours by time.

■ Steam game trend of this week

◎ Today’s Steam Trend Game-‘Hogwarts Legacy’
-The game ‘Hogwarts Legacy’, which contains the worldview of Harry Potter, which has sold more than 500 million copies worldwide, has been very popular shortly since its launch.
The game, which was enough to rank in Steam sales only at the time of pre-booking, recorded the highest number of concurrent users last weekend.
It’s an amazing achievement for a single play game that doesn’t support multiplayer.

◎ Middle Ages Survival ‘Dark & Dasher’ Demo, Steam Next Fest
-Make of the medieval background survival game ‘Dark & Dasher’, which is being developed by domestic developer Iron Mace, has maintained the most of the most close-ups, and became one of the best demonstrations released through the Steam Next Fast.


The game has extended the recent alpha test deadline until February 16, so it is possible to play some time after the Steam Next Fest end.

◎ ‘Middle Earth in the middle of winter’ meets cheaply
-Meanwhile, Steam is selling a large discount of IP games of the Lord of the Rings under the name of ‘Middle Early Earth Discount’.
The Middle Earth Series developed by Mongolia has been named in the Steam Trend Indicator through this discount event, and the discount on the Lego game of the Rings of the Rings, which Warner Brothers publishes.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

◎ The popularity of ‘walnuts, Yarn’ is the second-largest record for ‘Walnut, Yarn’.
-The popularity of the character pickup of ‘Won shin’, which began last week, is not unusual.
In the game, the two characters ‘Walnut’ and ‘Yarn’, which are popular as ‘Performance Cars’, will be held at the same time, causing crustal changes in Google’s sales rankings.
Won shin, based on the mobile index aggregate, was ranked second in sales on the 12th, but it also produced the number one position ‘Lineage M’ over the weekend for a while.

◎ Blade & Soul Revolution has been entering the top 10 Google sales after a long time
-Net marble’s ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’, which recorded cumulative sales of $550 million last year, has entered the 10th Google sales chart after a long time.
It seems to show this performance as the new server opening, new content launch, and Valentine’s Day-limited package sales are followed.

◎ ‘Counter Side’, which started to leave Nixon and started alone
-The Counter Side of Study Side, which started its own service since last week’s service, ranked second and first in the popular chart of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
In addition to the 6.0 large-scale contents update, the game offers special events to commemorate its own service, and offers various rewards such as the Awakening employee’s options and 50 free recruitment.
On the other hand, ‘Counter Side’ can be used as a PC version through Steam as well as Google and Apple App Store.

■ tory Popular Game Voting

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