2.1 on the PTR and earn a mount. Test SWTOR Patch 7.1.2 and get you a Cool Vulptilla Mount – SWTOR

The Star Wars development team: The Old Republic has actually welcomed the players to test patch 7.2.1 on the public test server.
The next update focuses on the 64-bit client and a variety of other video game content.

While the developers are dealing with patch 7.2.1, the heroes of the Republic and the Sith empire can look around on the test server and even earn a brand-new mount.
We have a short summary for you with all the innovations that await you at the upcoming update.

Galactic season 4-a path of peace

7.2.1 marks the start of the next stellar seasonal way of peace.
As in the past seasons, there are various new benefits that can make the end of the game, and with Amity we have a brand-new companion with which the heroes can cross the galaxy.
A new benefit that the developers more than happy to share is the possibility for gamers to buy a brand-new home fortress on the MESH world with their stellar season tokens.
The hiding location for Mesh resembles the seasonal fleet fortresses.

PVP season 2

As a pointer: The first PVP season after the modification runs till completion of February.
Afterwards, players can eagerly anticipate season 2, which starts with the release of 7.2.1, where they expect brand brand-new rewards.
We actively pursued the feedback on PVP after our modification in 7.2 and think of some changes.


The first of them issue the attack and defense medals that we evaluate with the Alderman War location.
More on this below in the section on the public test server.

battle against inflation

As many long-time gamers most likely know, the credit industry in SW TOR (Purchase now) has actually experienced a pertinent inflation for many years.
This makes it tough for players to take part in the SW TOR’s merchant economy mostly to brand-new brand-new brand-new ones.
One of the objectives this year is to take an assessment of inflation and begin corrections.
Some efforts begin in 7.2.1, and additional modifications will follow in future publications in the course of the year.
More details on this listed below in the area on the public test server.

64-bit test

The 64-bit customer is likewise published with 7.2.1, and although the group has been evaluating it on the public test server considering that December in 2015, the developers desire to motivate players to continue to sign up and inform us about possible problems.
We ask everyone to sign up on the public test server and report all issues. It is very important for us to collect as much information as possible during this test stage, as there are countless mixes of processor, memory, graphics card, etc.
Those who influence the PC video game. It is important that we understand how specific configurations agree the video game. Please play as always, and if something strange happens, let us know!

public test server

Considering that it is now known what gamers expect in game update 7.2.1, the concern occurs exactly what is being evaluated on the public test server.
In the Alderman War area, gamers now get enemy and protector points if they defeat opponents near locations.
You can find more details in our feedback thread here.
The public test server of 7.2.1 is our new 64-bit client, so please register and report to the designers all the issues that you experience with a typical game.
The designers have made some modifications to the credit costs to take inflation into account.
You can discover all the details in the feedback thread here.
In addition, developers likewise take part in PVP games on Friday, February 10-0030 CET (1:30 pm CT) to evaluate these changes together with players.
A battle zone ended on the PTR server and deserves the cool flotilla install.
Source: Bioware
In this PTR phase, the designers of SW TOR award the Opal Flotilla Mount to gamers who participated.
To get the mount, the following requirements must be met:
Log in on the PTR
End a battle zone of match
The reward is then dispersed with the launch of Update 7.2.1.
If you wish to discover more about the upcoming SW TOR patch, then drop in Star Wars: The Old Republic on the main page of Star Wars.
And in this compact summary you will discover all the crucial information about the game events in SW TOR in February.
In this article you will discover more about the present SW TOR story.
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