How to Upgrade Your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy – Get Upgrades & Find the Best Upgrades

Are you so amazed you upset a broom in Hogwarts Legacy?
Maybe you are also curious about how you get more or what some of the very best upgrades are.
Well, this short article provides you a total summary of what you need to know when it pertains to upgrading brooms.
The broom upgrade is among the later mechanics that you will get to know.


It comes after you have handled a big part of the game, consisting of the Hogwarts Tradition Space of Requirement.
All of these details was collected throughout our Hogwarts Legacy Evaluation run.

HOGWARTS TRADITION, how to upgrade a broom

You can begin upgrading a broom at Hogwarts Tradition, you have to get a broom and after that have actually finished the side mission flight test.
This side quest from Hogwarts Tradition is opened as soon as you get a broom in Hogwarts Tradition.
So total it and fly through the rings so that Imelda beats the finest time, and you can automatically go to the Hogwarts Tradition Sprint witches Sporting Requirements and buy your first upgrade.
As a note, these upgrades are carried in between all their brooms.
So you do not have to purchase one of them for every single new broom or consider exchanging your broom and having to bring it to the speed and effectiveness of your previous broom.

Hogwarts Legacy, how to get additional broom upgrades

Additional broom upgrades can be discovered by finishing some more of Imelda’s time-controlled races on the Hogwarts Tradition card.
These missions follow the very first, so just go back to the store to get them.
If you require a memory of the location of the store in Hogsmeade, you will discover it listed below:


The finest broom upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy are good, all of them.
They do not have much depth since they just increase their general acceleration and speed.
Buy everything you have access to.
So, run and earn these broom upgrades to improve the mobility on the map and in Hogwarts.
This deals with how to upgrade a broom in Hogwarts Legacy, the very best broom upgrades and where you get more.
Now you have covered your mobility, why do not you improve your combat skills with a few of the very best Hogwarts Tradition Magic and Finest Hogwarts Legacy Talent.

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