How to Master Ancient Magic and Increase the Scale of Your Hogwarts Legacy Adventure

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can explore a large open world filled with quests, secrets and puzzles, such as Merlin’s tests.
In battle, you can use your ancient magical abilities to apply crushing damage to enemies.
The scale of ancient magic determines how many attacks of ancient magic you can use, and how to increase the scale of ancient magic in the Hogwarts heritage.

How to improve the counter of ancient magic in Hogwarts Legacy?

The scale of ancient magic can be increased by fulfilling the points of ancient magic in the open world.
These locations are small areas filled with ancient magic, usually located around the destroyed locks.

The completion of the hot spots of ancient magic will contribute to progress in your test Traces of ancient magic.
By dialing the required amount, you can demand a reward for the additional capacity of your ancient magic meter.


How to go through the hot spots of ancient magic?

At the access point of ancient magic, you will need to follow the traces in the game in order to activate the puzzle.
This will give rise to ancient magic around the place that should be collected to complete the puzzle.
Usually you can find three spheres of ancient magic;
Revelry can help you find these and appropriate traps or objects that can be used to achieve them.
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