Experience the Thrill of Blood Bowl 3: Barons vs Greenskins in Thunder Valley – Play Now!

While the United States is about to experience the excellent last of the Super Bowl this Sunday, on the side of Bacon and the Cyanide studio, we decided to highlight the match between the Copenhagen Barons at the Thunder Valley Green skins.
Orcs against Trolls, or the assurance of a thunderous phenomenon, with manuals that leave in all directions, dizzying jumps to evade the opponent or perhaps heroic tosses to cross the ball as far as possible on the field.


At launch, Blood Bowl 3 will provide no less than 12 factions (including 4 entirely unpublished) each with their particularities and devoted material, whether it is solo mode as multiplayer.

The designers also announce a brand-new season every 3 months, with the included benefit of a brand-new playable faction.
The release of Blood Bowl 3 is scheduled for February 23 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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