Blizzard also desires to stick to the popular and tested Product spiral in Diablo 4 and give the players factors for farming equipment.
However, the heroes of Sanctuary apparently have to await the coveted product sets till the launch of the title.
In an interview, Video game Director Joe Shell spoke of the reality that you desired to carry out sets in Diablo 4 in a new method.
This would take more time, which is why they are not available for the launch of the video game.

sets should come, but later

Blizzard promised when the video game revealed that Diablo 4 would get sets again.
Nevertheless, these should not be as strong as it is with Diablo 3
According to the previous video game Director Luis Barrier, the video game should be a bit more restricted to avoid that you would straighten back into an escalating power curve.
During the advancement of the video game, we had the sensation that we might further establish the sets compared to Diablo 3 in a new method, said the present game director Joe Shell in a roundtable interview.
However we needed a bit more time to incorporate them into the game so that they balance well with the rest of Diablo 4, so you will not see the sets at the start of the game.
We believe that sets are cool, and we want to do it right-so that’s something that we consider for our live service..
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For this function, Diablo 4 is to be further developed as a live service title and thought about 3 months with a new season.
In addition, new extensions are also being prepared, which are planned to include additional stories, new classes or brand-new quests to the game.

In addition, there should also be paid season passes and a genuine money store.
Source: GamesRadar, Game rant
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