Controversy at VfL Bochum vs BVB: Was the Referee Justified in Giving the Penalty Kick?

It was the big enjoyment at the cup round of 16 between VFL Bochum and Borussia Dortmund: In the middle of the second half, referee Tobias Staider chose on a penalty for the hosts.
The referee desired to have acknowledged a handball by BVB expert Jamie Bynoe-Gitten.
After the video game, the captain attempted to describe his controversial whistle.
The analysis of the handball rule caused a lot of discussion in the DFB Cup on Wednesday evening.
In the 60th minute, Bochum’s Anthony Flotilla attempted his luck from the 2nd row.
The ball jumped against the arm of BVB winger Jamie Bynoe-Gitten, referee Tobias Staider indicated the point.

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The huge question was: was the arm based or not?
After a four-minute VAR check, the choice remained.
Kevin Stoner satisfied for the meantime 1: 1 equalization.
In the end, BVB won 2-1 in Bochum, but there were still conversations.
He looked at the scene from numerous perspectives, said referee Staider after the last whistle at Sky.
From an attitude he had the ability to see that the arm of Bynoe-Gitten was a little spread out.
That is why the photos did not convince me to reclaim the penalty, although I need to state that it is not the mother of all the charge, the objective explained his perspective.
On the other hand, the conversations on the square were about whether the supposed handball was in or outside the charge location.
Bynoe-Gitten did not come up with him to promote a based arm, exposed Staider.

BVB is irritated by Schubert

At BVB, BVB caused annoyance that Bochum’s Said Bank had actually pushed in the advancement of the charge.


What bothers us is that a clear nasty has actually preceded prior to the flank flies into the sixteen, stated Dortmund’s head coach Edwin Eric at Sky.
The battle was still in the tolerance area, stated Staider about the scene, which had taken location quickly before the supposed handball.
Both when bumping and handball, it is questionable, admitted the referee: I can comprehend that you have a different opinion.

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