Uncovering Hogwarts Mystery: The Merlins Heritage Test and Solutions

Exploring the territory around Hogwarts, the players probably saw strange spiral pedestals on the ground.
These pedestals are actually a gate to one of the tests in the game, the tests of Merlin.

If you want to expand your inventory slots, these tests of Hogwarts Merlin’s Heritage are the only way to achieve this.
To perform these tasks, players need various magical objects, spells and spells.
Each test of Merlin requires the players to spend a mallow sheet.
However, players cannot spend these leaves in order to undergo tests until they complete the main quest: Merlin’s tests for the Nora Creswell.

how to unlock the tests of Merlin

After your adventure in the forbidden section, Patti will ask the players to meet her in Lower Hogs field.
After talking with Patti, you will hear someone arguing nearby.
Go to the sound source, and you will see how Nora argues with several wizards of Shiner.
Help her, and, in the end, she will explain how to get the test of Merlin and complete the quest.
Nora gives 5 leaves of mallow as a gift to players, but the rest of the players should buy or find themselves.
Malta’s leaves are an easy-to-make item in the game Hogwarts Heritage.
Fortunately, players can start planting them as soon as they took their first lesson in the tribology.
Players can also plant a small plant in the requirements room.
The seed necessary for growing mallow leaves can be purchased in the game Hogwarts Heritage from Magic Keep.
It is good that players can grow five mallow leaves every ten minutes, which is a pretty good speed.
Therefore, players do not need to wait long.

Hogwarts: Merlin’s Heritage Place of Test

Merlin tests are scattered around the world in Hogwarts Legacy.
In the village of Hogs mid or in the area of the castle of Hogwarts there are almost no tests of Merlin;
Therefore, players instead of wasting time looking for Merlin tests there, you should look for a leaf symbol on a mini-card.
Here are all the places where players can find Merlin tests.
Since there are 95 Merlin tests in the Hogwarts heritage, we will update their detailed locations and decisions over time, so follow the updates.
At all the above locations, players find Merlin tests of different types.
These tests require solving various types of spells.
We classified Merlin tests in accordance with the category that they need.
You can find their details below.

Types and Solutions Merlin Tail

As soon as the players get to the locations of the test on the Merlin, they need to think about what spell they need to complete this test.
To do this, inspect the stones surrounding the area.
The stone structure can be balls, platforms or pillars.
Here are all types of Merlin’s tests in Hogwarts’s Heritage and a detailed decision on how to solve them.
Boilers on testing pillars
Testing a giant ball
Testing a cracked slab
Testing butterflies
Balls on column tests
Balls in slot machines
Merlin’s testing is ending that for a short time, a stained structure and a green luminous silhouette of Merlin appear in this area for a short time.


boiler on pillar tests

The Intended spell is required for testing, where players see a pillar with a boiler at the top.
In this test, players should set fire to all boilers using Indodedios.
Players will receive an Intended spell as soon as they finish the task of Professor Hecate 1. Then they can use it to complete the test.
In the test, players must find pillars with Revelry and set them on fire.
As soon as all the pillars are burned, the test will be completed.

Testing Giant Ball

You will need a share to bring the spherical stone closer to the test site.
In this test, players should bring this huge giant ball to the platform.
You can study the action spell by visiting the Chart lesson, and this will help to bring enemies closer to you.
As soon as the players see a giant ball, they need to find a platform.
After that, use action to continue to beat the ball until you bring it to the platform.
Your test will be completed as soon as the ball is on the platform.

Testing Craved Plate

Players need a conforming spell, where they find a cracked slab near the test venue of Merlin.
Players can learn this spell by performing in the shade of the dungeon.
Covering is a great spell for damage, and its radius of action is greater than intended.
In these trials, players need to destroy all the plates that they will find using Revelry.
To destroy them, you can use the confidential spell.

tests of butterflies

When the players enter the venue for these tests, they will be fascinated by a beautiful scene with butterflies flying around, which can give you a little atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland, but not be too carried away by this.
These tests require Lumps players.

Players get Lumps when they find a statue inside the room in the 112 shelter at the beginning of the game.
As soon as the players of Lu moms can be used to solve puzzles, since they show the image on the frame and illuminate the area.
Players in this test should bring all butterflies to the rhomboid hole in the nearest pillar.
Players need to illuminate the area with the help of lumps, and then bring butterflies.
Continue to do this until the test is completed.

balls on column tests

This is a relatively simple test of Merlin.
If you see a huge pillar around the test area with a ball on it, this indicates that this is a test.
Here, all that the players need to do is hit the balls around the pillar and destroy them.
This test does not require spells, and therefore players feel relief.
Continue to look for such pillars with Revelry, then destroy the balls until the test is completed.

Balls in slot machines

In this test, players need to find balls, and then rolled them in the slot on the platform.
Players should know that there is no mistake if the trial version is not completed even after filling out the slots of one platform.
In this test, players should fill the slots on several platforms;
Therefore, continue to do this until the test is completed.
If it is difficult for you to find balls, find them with an India spell.
Therefore, find the balls with Indention, and then use action to roll them into slots.

Merlin test awards

Merlin tests are a great opportunity for the Hogwarts Heritage players.
Players get an additional place in the inventory, which is very useful after the completion of all the tests of Merlin in the game.
Here is a list of inventory cells that players receive at the end of these tests:
In addition, players who have completed all these tests of Merlin receive the achievement of Merlin Beard.

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