Madden NFL 23 Predicts the Winner of Super Bowl LVII

There are a few days left to celebrate one of the most important sporting events of the year, this is clearly the Super Bowl in its 2023 edition, which puts interesting teams on the table.

And now, through the EA Sports Madden NFL 23 video game, they have carried out simulations to see who is going to crown with the victory this Sunday.
This revelation has been made through a new video in which Chad Johnson can be seen not only advertising the game, but also interpreting a comedy sketch that tells us all the results.
The final score would be 31 of Eagles and Chiefs with 17, a difference that can be mentioned as matched in skills.
Here is the video:
Something that also attracts attention is the options that the game offers all those who want to celebrate the Super Bowl since these days.
This mentions EA in its official statement:
-Madden NFL 23 continues to deliver new content and experiences during season 3 with a new Super Bowl program, The Big Game, in Ultimate Team.
Highlights the journey of the Chiefs and the Eagles with new champions, rewards, and much more.
-The Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsons, ESPN commentator, Tiffany Greene, the head of culture and co-owner of Sets, Erin Ashley Simon will be the hosts of the final show of the Madden NFL 23 x HBC tournament, which will be transmitted
on the NFL YouTube channel.
-The new and renewed Madden Cruiser encourages fans to participate with a part of coach Madden coach in the experience of the Super Bowl presented by Lowe at the Phoenix Convention Center.
To that is added that it is available with up to 70% discount.
Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.


Via: EA statement
Editor’s note: We’ll see what happens to the score next Sunday.
After all, these EA games have a prediction capacity that can be scary.

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