Valorant: Riot Games Nerfs The Stinger, The Most Broken Weapon In Recent Months

Valorant prepares for the second and third patch of episode 6 and with them will arrive a Nerfed highly anticipated by the community: that of the Stinger.
This weapon is right now in a spectacular moment and its value for money, they make it one of the most broken, but the most, of the game and that can completely change a round in which a team cannot do Full Buy.
In his day he did not understand the buff they gave him and that is, when he was finding his place in the finish line and began to appear with some frequency, they gave him an improvement that catapulted it completely.
His cadence of bullets and his little dispersion made him chained a good gust of shots, they ended with the enemies with some ease.
That is why Riot has listened to the community and will retouch this weapon to lower his power.

The changes in the stinger that will arrive in patch 6.02

Therefore, from Riot will take several measures to reduce its impact since this version is implemented:
Its price will rise, and will cost 950 credits to 1,100, an increase that will undoubtedly have an impact on the economy of the players.
The most important change will be bullet damage.
From the patch, the Stinger will do 27 damage to 0-15 meters and 23 when it exceeds 15 meters.
In version 6.01, the damage was 27 in distances of 0-20 and 25 when it exceeded 20 meters.
This Nerfs was necessary and forces the users of this weapon to use in short distances.


This will be important since one more bullet will be needed for charger to
For the Lock // in of Brazil they will play with version 6.01, so these changes will not see them reflected in the metajuego.

With regard to the tournament, it will be the official debut of KOI, Team Heretics and Giants in one of the most expectation in the Shooter of Riot Games.
We will see what is the role of the Spanish-speaking sets and if they give us a joy in Brazilian lands

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