Introducing Large-Scale Raids in Diablo 4: Unlocking the Potential of June 6

June 6 It is the date of breaking silence in 11 years, and Diablo 4, the new work of the Diablo series.


It is still necessary to wait, but the expectation of users is also increasing day by day due to the information that is released little by little.

Diablo 4 introduces the extended worldview and various new systems, giving a little different feeling from Diablo we have known.
What does Diablo 4 look like soon?
What is the point to expect?
Let’s look at the information that has been released so far.

The straight structure is NO!
Sanctuary with the introduction of open world
How is Diablo X Open World?
Expectations and worries coexist

Diablo 4 is the first series of ‘Open World’.
Existing works had a ‘straight structure’ that proceeded with the act along the quest and the movement.
Regardless of the act progress, Diablo 4 can explore and quest where you want.

According to the information revealed so far, the open world of Diablo 4 is expected to be familiar to users.
It’s a way to explore the quest mark and explore it.
And each field of Diablo 4 is said to have level scaling (adjusting monsters and field levels depending on the level of the player).

Due to the nature of the Sorry Open World, the size of the map is also vast.
Instead, ‘Waypoint’ used in the existing series for convenient movement is also possible, and various vehicles will be available.

Open World is a very attractive system for RPGs.
If you configure well, you can travel freely around the world, and you can play games with your own route and pace.
But poor open worlds have often been poisoned.
It was a negative element that was only troubled by moving, and the content was just about erasing the exclamation mark.

According to a developer interview, Diablo 4’s Open World will introduce a ‘reputation’ system and apply a method such as giving a completely different feeling even in the same field.
As much as this part is important to feel the experience of users who play directly, I think we should expect after opening.

Did 2 original emotion?
Optional item-oriented farming
Can you stop the ‘school uniform’ Diablo 4?

What is the biggest fun of the Diablo series?
It is a topic where various opinions can be made, but many people may say that it is ‘fun of gum.’
No matter how long you farm, you’ll get all the fatigue of the ‘best’.

The farming goal of Diablo 4 resembles Diablo 2 early.
It’s a somewhat formal and uniform unique/set item to farm and ‘uniform’, but to farm the equipment with a variety of options.

In fact, there were various skill builds from this system, and the ‘luxury equipment’ of the finest options that could open up has appeared.
In addition, Diablo 4 is added to set up a unique item with options such as magic or enchant.
Can you stop the ‘school uniformization’ of the equipment this time?
I think we should expect the device that Blizzard will work well.

This does not mean that unique items do not come out.
The equipment that represents the series, such as ‘Wind Force’ and ‘Haney Bee’, appears.
The stats of unique items are not random values, and this equipment will be the center of setting.
Of course, unique equipment is very difficult as it is powerful.

My Charging Bolt is twice as much as you!
My own skill/stat build configuration
Character builds with great freedom, such as the first letter of power, the conqueror board, etc.

The biggest attraction of the Diablo series is the diversity of skill builds.
Even the same character will have a completely different play style depending on the build.
If you go extremely, you can use a sword wizard or magic assassin build.

In Diablo 4, these elements are further enhanced.

First, like Diablo 2, you can take the status to your taste.
It’s not in Diablo 3.
The segmentation of the skill tree and the addition of the conqueror board enable more unique build configuration.

To the ‘Power of Power’ system, which clears the dungeon and obtains a specific option.
Combining these factors, we have encouraged various build construction.

Skills are subdivided into various systems.
But users have always been above the developer.
No matter how complicated the operation, the operating side established the most efficient tree and made it the ‘correct answer’.

Can Diablo 4 succeed in building a variety of builds without the right answer, as Blizzard induced?

Large Raids in Diablo?!
Boss raid to target together
What are the co-raids implemented in Diablo?

Diablo’s battle is ‘cool’ is the key.
Diablo is a game that is the origin of ‘Nuclear and Slash’, which uses many enemies as a wide range of skills.
Of course, there are boss evangelism, but it’s not a style of MMORPG like WOW.
Diablo’s boss warfare is not to break the pattern with cooperative and sophisticated control, but to avoid and hit intuitively.

Diablo 4 adds a different concept boss raid.
It’s a huge boss raid where 10 or more users work together.
Although it has not yet been disclosed for the exact content of the raid, many users have been able to accumulate damage for a long time by avoiding various attack patterns.
It’s a boss that was hard to see in the existing Diablo series.

Cooperative raid in Diablo 4.
Can you add the fun of the Raid while taking advantage of the fun of nuclear and slash?

What is the log that returned to active duty in 27 years?
In addition to the style of five classes

Diablo 4 has a total of five classes.
Barbarians, druids, necromancers, elemental artists, and thief.
Except for the thief, the rest of the jobs are familiar to those who play Diablo 2.
The job concept is not much different.
The barbarians go around the wheel wind, and the necromancer summons the skeleton.

The English version of the thief is log.
Log is a job that appears in Diablo 1, and in 27 years, he announced his return to Diablo 4.
The log is a class of assassin positions that use daggers and bows, with a stylish combat style.
As we use both short-range/long-range weapons, we expect a lot of fun builds.

In addition, the fun of job selection is clear as the characteristics are distinct for each job, such as barbarians who use four weapons at the same time, and elemental artists who change their skills by strengthening their weapons at the same time.

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Diablo 4 major features by job

Will you use all the fun of partial transactions, the fun of the gain and the fun of the transaction?
Areas that require exquisite balance adjustment between the two content

As I mentioned earlier, Diablo’s greatest fun comes from the pleasure of Farming.
But you can’t ignore the fun of trading.
In Diablo 2, items that you do not need for you could be changed to expensive equipment or runes through trading.
This trading system makes the fun of Debate even more.

But the trading system is a double-edged sword.
If the share of transactions increases too much, the ‘exchange’ becomes the most effective spec up.
Like the initial version of Diablo 3.

Diablo 4 chose how to catch both rabbits, the fun of farming and the fun of trading.
On the exchange of Diablo 4, unique and set items cannot be exchanged.
However, you can trade rare equipment and integers that extracted options.
The exchange of Diablo 4 is operated in a way that partially allows transactions.

Can Blizzard exquisitely match the weight of farming and transactions?

Check the delicate customization and Diablo 4 worldview/story!
Will there be a small fun way?

Traditionally, Diablo was also an important factor to decorate.
Even in Diablo 2, which only reflects the appearance of some equipment, Amazon users used equipment such as ‘wire fleece’ because they are pretty.
In Diablo 3, a little further developed, adding decorating elements such as shape conversion, but it was not enough to satisfy users.

Diablo 4 is a game that can be customized.
In addition to gender, skin color, hairstyles, tattoos, you can customize your tastes, so if you are interested in decorating, you can play more fun.

If you are interested in the story, the extended worldview and story of Diablo 4 is also noteworthy.
This time, Diablo’s unique dark worldview and story will be unfolded, focusing on the war between Ignatius and the release.
The cinematic video, ‘Three people,’, has been well received.

How will Diablo 4’s story flow?
I’m looking forward to seeing a story without any dreams or hope this time.

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