Experience the Magic of Hogwarts Legacy – Grab Your Exclusive Free Gift Now!

In Hogwarts Legacy, the world-famous school for witchcraft and magic goes to her.
You will experience your own wonderful adventure in the Warding World.
You now have the chance to secure unique Cosmetic items if you want to begin this in a special appearance.
Potter heads worldwide are excitedly feverish to the 10.
February, since then you can finally immerse yourself in the Warding World in Hogwarts Legacy (for the video game tip test).
Anyone who has actually pre-ordered the video game is probably even best in the middle of it, since pre-orders were granted gain access to earlier.
That’s not all, you also get numerous special material and products.

Hogwarts Tradition: Free items for everybody!

Nevertheless, there is currently also despite whether you have actually pre-ordered or not, the option of some exclusive free objects.
The method to This is extremely basic.
All you have to do for this is your account at the Harry Potter fan club to link to that of WB Games.


Maybe you have actually currently signed up with the Harry Potter fan club to have your home and your wand for Hogwarts Tradition determined.
If this is the case, this warding world website calls up, click Log in and register with your Harry Potter fan club information.
You will then be forwarded to the WB Games website.
Here, too, you visit with your corresponding account data.

Hogwarts Legacy: Check out the magic school in the Stylish Outfit

If whatever worked out, the message Harry Potter Fan Club Connected!
As a benefit, there is a unique magic cloak and a mask in bird skull look.
If you don’t have any account with the Harry Potter fan club, you can obviously merely create one again.
Before you can link this to your WB-Games account, you first need to go through the tests to determine your home and your wand.
Attention: If you connect your accounts, you will be taken into your home, which was assigned to you in the test.
The same applies to the magic wand designated to you.
According to Metacritic, Hogwarts Legacy is among the very best Harry Potter games-if not the very best.
You can find out which video games in the universe of the sorcerer’s apprentice universe can still convince in the image series:

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