TSG Hoffenheim Misses 3rd Test Game Against Second Division Club Fürth

The Bundesliga is well known for its competitive and intense matches, but even the best teams can have an off-day. Find out in this article how TSG Cofferdam missed their third test match against second division club Fürth, and what this means for the team’s upcoming season.

Bundesliga club TSG Cofferdam missed the 3rd test video game in the third game.
Against second division Reuther Fürth, TSG just scored a 3: 3 (0: 1) in two times 60 minutes, however captured up a 0: 3 deficit.

Vladimir Bogota (59th), Dickson Obama (72nd) and the previous Cofferdam Armando Said (74.) put the Middle Franconia in the lead.


Georgina Butter (78, penalty), David Iowa (88th) and Tom Bishop (106.) prevented the Bundesliga club.
Previously, the existing table had actually won its test games during the World Cup break versus the third division clubs SV Elvers berg (4: 3) and 1860 Munich (3: 2).

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