The Best Buildings To Fight In The Coliseum At The Elden Ring

The Elden Ring has been released with a free coliseum update.
This update adds three coliseum in the lands between the PVP areas, on which players can check their skills.

There are several combat formats in which players can check their skills.
Here are the best assembly of PVP Coliseum in Elden Ring.

3) blasphemy rowdy

Blasphemous Brawler is a build of a close-up fighter using animal spells and a blasphemous blade to apply fiery and physical damage.
The flame taking Ash of War causes fiery damage along the line in front of you and will bring you victory in duels if you can land it at least once.
The cloth of the beast speed of use is a great combination with a slow Ash of War, such as Takers Flame, and can catch enemies after shots or attacks.
Flame, give me the strength will increase your physical and fiery damage even more, while animal survivability can give a little HP regeneration during a duel where you cannot treat.
The main characteristic: energy, faith, strength.
Secondary characteristic: mind, endurance.
Weapons: blasphemous blade, printing claws.
Shield: There is no shield.
Armor: scaly armor.
Talisman: the talisman of the great shield of the dragon crest, the talisman of the pearl dragon +2, the fragment of Alexander, the favor of Entries +2.
Skills: Taker flame.
Spells: flame, give me strength, animal survivability, animal claw, animal sling, guarana stone.


The sorcerer focuses on the use of spells at a distance and avoids hand-to-hand combat.


This assembly uses a medical shield of the ashes of war contagious rage, which increases all damage by 20% by 30 seconds.
The builder’s builds try to avoid close combat, as far as possible, relying on the spells of the search for the enemy, such as the stars of the ruins and the wounds of ancient death.
If the enemies come too close, you can put pressure with the phalanx of a large blade, the element of crystal Marian Slider.
Main characteristic: intelligence
Secondary characteristic: energy, mind, endurance.
Weapons: Kari Royal Scepter.
Shield: Medium shield.
Armor: the crown of the prison of the queen, a set of the African knight.
Talisman: the talisman of the carved mass, the talisman of the large shield of the dragon crest, the Aragon icon, the family relic of the stargazer.
Skills: contagious rage.
Spells: Marian Slicer, Crystal Release, Great blade Phalanx, Ancient Death Rancor, Stars of Ruin.

1-Star Fly

Star scourge Build uses a unique, large stellar foul sword.
This large sword can be two-handed to own two of them, with unique combinations of light and heavy attacks.
The claw of the talisman and the black feathers of the lizard will further increase your damage when attacking in the jump.
For large PVP matches, you have a scream of the name of the star to attract enemies with a gravitational wave;
Then this may be followed by an additional attack on the ground.
The Marian filigree emblem reduces the cost of the scream of the star calling the star, while the fragment of Alexander Talisman increases its damage.
The main characteristic: energy, strength.
Secondary characteristic: intelligence, endurance, mind.
Weapons: a large stellar sword (two-handed).
Shield: There is no shield.
Armor: a chest with black feathers of the lizard and armor of the highest balance (a set of bellicose after receiving).
Talisman: the talisman of the great shield of the dragon crest, the fragment of Alexander, the talisman of the claw, the arsenal of the Great Whistle.
Skills: the cry of the name of the star.
Spells: There are no spells.
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