Myeongil Ark Animation, Season 2 production confirmed

Mongol Ark Animation confirmed the production of Season 2 following the completion of Season 1.

Yo Star unveiled the teaser of the animation season 2 on the official Twitter of Mongol (17th).
Following the season 1 ‘Jean Song of Dawn’, the title of the next season is ‘Death in Frost’, which suggests the appearance of one of the original boss characters, ‘Friend ova’.
Like the previous season, the production is played by Yo-Star Pictures, who is an animated studio under Roberta and an animated PV for all games that Yeshiva publishes.

Mongol Ark Season 1 ‘Jean Song of Dawn’ was aired on Annie Plus every Saturday at 1:30 am every Saturday from October 29th, and today (17th) at 1:30 am
It was completed.


In Season 1, the story depicts the story of Chernobyl raids and Rods Island operators from the original episode of the original story to find a doctor who is hibernated, to another episode 3, where the joint operation will be held in contact with another mobile city.
Along with the development of the story, the main settings of the originals were melted from Original, ore, mobile cities, infected people, and the birth of Li union.
In addition to the Irish operators, they were able to see the popularity of popular operators such as Exit, Texas, France, and Lisa.

As the official Twitter made the decision to produce season 2, the day 2’s air and details and detailed information have not been disclosed yet.
Sung Yeo-jin was also published by Kurosawa Tokyo, who played Amiga from the original Kinda Yuri, who played the doctor in the previous season.
Assuming that we use the voice actors of the previous season and the original, the two main characters of the season, Friend ova, will be delayed by Kawasaki Ayah, who plays the role in Season 1.

Meanwhile, Jong-il has been preparing a variety of media mixes since its first feature animation on October 29.
On December 14, after the spin-off cartoon ‘Rods Kitchen-Tidbits’ PV, the first episode was released on the official café on the 15th.
In addition, the miniseries ‘Lee’s detective office’, which was released in advance as a trailer, will be officially released on the 23rd.

For more information about the Mongol Ark and related media mixes, please visit the official café.

▲ Spin-off cartoons dealing with Rods Island’s daily life, ‘Rods Kitchen’ PV
▲ The miniseries ‘Lee’s detective office’, which was only released, will be officially released on the 23rd.

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