Completing Quest Courage Test In Genshin Impact

Kits Kimodameshi, the first great event of the Genshin Impact version 3.4 Finally it has been launched.
The first mission of this event is known as value test, and requires that you have at least the adventure range 30 to complete it.
Once you meet this condition, follow our Genshin Impact guide to activate and complete the Mission Test of courage.

GENGHIS IMPACT-Guide to search for testing

The main objective of the Test of Courage mission is to conduct investigation into the alleged ghost activities.
Here is a step-by-step guide to complete the Mission Test of Courage:
Go to the Bashir Commission to ask about the courage test
Go to Kamikaze Estate and talk to Amato to activate the mission.
Go to the China forest.
After leaving the Bashir commission, go to the China forest, where the mission is carried out.
Choose a partner of the three contestants.
Once on the site, talk to Shrine Maiden and choose one of the partners: Ayala, Good or Keisha.
Complete the first round of the courage test.
After choosing a character, your first goal is to find Mango Milk.

To find this article, follow the marked signals recorded in the wood table.
Meanwhile, you will find Into on your way.
Interact with Mango Milk to collect the article.


Press the designated button on your keyboard/controller to choose the element.
Return to the courage test site.
After collecting the article, return to the courage test site, talk to Into and help it scare people.
Follow the people who escaped.
The final step is to talk to Halo.
After a brief scene, the mission will be marked as completed.
After completing the first round of the Test of Courage mission, you will be rewarded with 30 firstborns, 20,000 Morey, 2x Hero Wit and 4x Mystic Enhancement Ore in Genshin Impact.
That is all you need to know how to complete the courage search test in Genshin Impact.
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