Multiversus: FestiVersus 2022, Game of Thrones. Multiversus starts with Dwayne Johnson and a new

How do you survive the winter? What do you need to do to make sure you stay ahead of the competition for Multiverses Festiveness 2022?

Detector Bros. Gaming introduces that a new character variant with the appearance of Dwayne Johnson for Black Adam is offered available for sale as part of Period 2 from Multiverses.
Also, component of the new season is a map of Game of Thrones that can be played in all settings and also will belong to all playlist turnings.

Players can spin from the iron throne and also conquer dangers from Westeros to a remix of the iconic title songs of the series.


Furthermore, the seasonal occasion festival 2022 began the other day, in which vacation cookies can be gained.
In turn, these can be exchanged for rewards such as the character variant Ugly Sweater Superman, the Profil-icon Gingerbread Salute, the Ring out Snowman and the Sticker label emote Allow IT Snow.
Gamers have to start multiverses on 12 different days of the occasion to earn a growing variety of holiday biscuits and unlock the profile icon Snowflake on the 12th day.
The rewards of Festverversus 2022 will certainly be offered up until January 18, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.

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