Henry Cavill Will Not Play Superman Again

In recent weeks interesting information about the future of DC Comics has been shared in the world of movies, since it has been mentioned that Wonder Woman 3 has been taken from the program.
And now the company’s CEO, James Gun, talks about Superman’s next movie, although with the news that Henry Cavill will not participate.


However, there is a reason behind this, since the following filming related to the man of steel is a Oven version of the character a prequel before the first tape with Cavils.

That does not mean that we are going to see how they send to the Kryptonite again in their capsule, but that it will be their early years as a hero.
This mentioned Gun about the new film:

Peter and I have a DC board ready to use, for which we could not be more excited;
We can share exciting information about our first projects at the beginning of the new year.
Among those on the list is Superman.
In the initial stages, our history will focus on an anterior part of Superman’s life, so the character will not be interpreted by Henry Cavill.
It is worth mentioning that the original actor continues with his role, only that he will appear in projects where he is talking about the character in the present time, so we would see him in the next great movie of the character.
To that we can add the cameos that it would have in ribbons of the Justice League, as well as in adaptations of other superheroes.
Cavils confirmed that he will not be participating at the moment in the next Superman productions, although it is not so clear what he mentions.
Well, Gun made it clear that it is the character in his young version, but in his Instagram publication he implies that he will never return.
For now, the matter is diffuse.
Via: IG
Editor’s note: I also alarmed when I found out about this, but then I had a relief to know that it is a movie with young Superman.
That means that Cavils will remain the character but in his adult stage.

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