The handle of the boiler in the Modeocheim: Crisis Core

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core follows Baku Fair and his adventures in a soldier.

You will perform many missions, and along the way you will come across various objects.
This includes a boiler handle.
This can make you ask about what to do with the boiler handle in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
When you enter the Model bath, you will see a destroyed wall with a luminous object.
This is the handle of the boiler.
As soon as you interact with the object, Zach will raise it, but will not tell you what to do with it.
This will become clear in the following rooms that continue with the handle in your hand.

How to remove steam in a mooched in Crisis Core

After the victory over the A-Griffon, you will find yourself in a large multi-level room.
There is a luminous object on the left wall, but you cannot get it because of the couple.
You must first head up the stairs and find cars next to the hole in the wall.
Use the boiler handle that you previously found and attach it to the car.


Then Zach will turn the valve, and the couples will disappear.
Return down to collect a lightning sleeve.
This is what Lightning Armlet does to Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
Lightning sleeve
Reduces the damage from lightning by half.
+14 MP
+5 it
+5 SPR
-10 ATK
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