The best electric pokemon in scarlet and purple


The Pale region is full of incredible Pokémon, especially electric.
They are great for paralyzing Wild Pokémon or ending a giant bombardier, so you will want to have one by hand.
Here is everything you need in the best electric Pokémon in scarlet and purple.


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Magazine is even better in scarlet and purple because you can give him a type Fire Term with Magnet Pull and knock down steel Pokemon oppositely.
You will want to protect this Pokémon from earth-type attacks because X4 weaknesses are quite punishing, but Magazine can resist Rock Slides and Hurricanes easily and cause a lot of damage.

Lux ray

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Lux ray is a good monkey to have in your team because it has a great attack statistics, in addition its basic Shine form is easy to find and evolves when you level up.
You will want to teach you physical movements such as Thunder Fang and Trailblazer, and Ice Fang helps Ground Pokémon that counteract Lux ray.
If you want to be hyperagressive, you can teach this Pokémon Wild Charge and receive some decline damage in exchange for stronger attacks.


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Kilowatt rel, a new electric and flying Pokemon with great speed and special attack, can launch some devastating thunder or hurricane attacks under the rain and cure itself with Roost when the opportunity arises, although it is not as bulky as capos.
Tailwinds and opposite hurricanes increase their electrical attacks due to their Wind Power ability and make Kilowatt rel even stronger.
In addition, this Pokémon has an elegant design that lends itself to the idea of hitting fast and strong.


Although you can no longer mega-evolve Amparo, the normal Pokémon is quite good: it protects itself well with Cotton Guard and learns a variety of movements such as Dazzling Gleam and Power Gem, in addition to the standard Thunderbolt, which allows many terakatal.
Type options.
There are wild fluffy in Pale that are close to level 30, so you only need a rare candy or a little training to catch your first Amparo.


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You can’t have a Pokémon game without Pikachu, but you must turn it into Rich when you build a competitive team.
With Nasty Plot and the right term, Rich can easily dominate a game by shooting some tea blasts before your opponent knows what is happening.
It is best to give him a focus sash or match him with Among Us to buy a shift to make Setup, but the reward is huge.


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Look at Elliott for a few seconds, now you will see why he is on the list.
This Pokémon has a cute and statistical design voluminous enough to be competitive, with a good special attack and a useful characteristic ability.
When you change to Elliott, you can receive a blow and Volt Switch with an increase in electromophasis power, which allows you to make it rain or intimidate opposite Pokémon constantly.

Paw mot

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Paw mot is possibly the best electric attacker in Scarlet and Purple because this Pokémon is also Fighting type: it is fast and hits like a close fighter close truck.
Volt Absorb can be a convenient change when your opponent tries to volt switch or nuzzle.
It can be a bit complicated to evolve, but it is worth it for such a powerful power in your team.
That is all we have in the best electric and purple electric Pokemon.
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