Cosplay Artist becomes a fan.

The heroines from One Piece all rely on great designs, even if some fans implicate author Odd that he can let go of his preferences for his… guy if he creates figures such as Name, Rebecca or Hiroshi.
After 25 years, a mighty pirate bride-to-be still stands out, which is constantly the objective of Cosplayer: Boa Hancock.

Thanks to her love fruit, the ruler of the island of Amazon Lily has strongly reinforced males with her charm.
This is precisely what Cosplayer Bruiccellati catches excellent.
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Boa Hancock is your preferred figure too?

According to the makeup and change artist Bruccellati aka Cristina, it is now her 4th Hancock costume and I will not stop, she is my preferred figure in the world???????
It also becomes clear that the Spanish-born Spaniard has a soft area for One Piece when you see her packed Instagram profile, where you can also discover figures such as Eel, Yamato, Nico Robin, Persona & Co. Recommended editorial inhale at this point you will discover external content from [platform]
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cool clothing to gather

The attire, which the cosplayer chose for this act of transformation, is also readily available in a little scale at a little scale!
Since it is Boa Hancock’s look as part of the figure collection Sugary food Style Pirates.
The following characters have particularly elegant sweet-style pirates gather figures:
Boa Hancock – The Design is based on your snake Salome
Name – With the look of chopper (just tough to get in Germany).
Persona – Age on zombie-teddy quasi (just hard to get in Germany).
Carrot – with a chopper design.
Vivid – Stet on the design of her racing car uh.
Rebecca -.
Nico Robin – MIT clothing like the brave dwarf Leo.
How do you like the cosplay of artist Bruccellati?
Who is your favorite heroine in One Piece?
Do you like a character that just a couple of believe?
Do you already have cool collection figures at Luffy & Co. in your home?
Write us your opinion in the commentary-we are eagerly anticipating your impressions.
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