The best collection of Pool 2 in Marvel Snap


For many decks in Marvel Snap Ago and the low curve are the key to success on lower ranks and in the maps of the first pool. However, as soon as you begin to penetrate the second pool, thematic strategies, such as On Reveal, Longing and Destroy, will begin to move to a higher curve and more optimal strategy. Although the strategy begins to form for the discharge columns, a low curve with strong finishers is still a preferred style of the game, as in the case of this deck of the second pool.

The best collection of Pool 2 in Marvel Snap and how to play

List of Marvel Snap Discard Pool 2

  • A man-man
  • Blade
  • Night loafer
  • Angela
  • Möbius
  • Roy
  • Wolverine
  • Sword master
  • Lady Sigh
  • Apocalypse
  • America Chavez

How to play Pool 2 Discard in Marvel Snap

Like the collection of the first pool, the best deck of discharge of the second pool has a low curve built around Angela and a man-man. You want to save the cards, play them after Angela enters the field, and develop a strategy to fill in the location of the man-man. The same applies to your discharge cards and sockets, where you want to devastate your hand to try to hit the apocalypse and Wolverine Blade, Lady Sigh and the master of the sword. The biggest difference between the decks of the first and second pool is to add two Möbius and Roy cards.

Möbius is a fantastic map for these decks, because it does not need to be discarded so that it is good. Instead, he simply gains strength over time as you drop the cards, which makes it the ubiquitous threat that your opponent should take into account. As for the swarm, any reset output automatically becomes a bonus for the deck, so the swarm is an incredibly strong map-an additional bonus. Swarm reset not only creates two new copies in the hand, but also reduces the cost of these copies to zero, allowing you to discard them at any move. In addition, the discharge of one of the copies creates two more free copies, which means that you can easily support the operation of the reset mechanism while you have the reset cards.

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