The 10 best water pokemon in scarlet and purple Pokemon

In scarlet and purple Pokémon, there is always a hierarchy in some way or fashion throughout the game. These hierarchies can extend between gym leaders, league champions and more. However, there is also a hierarchy between Pokémon, specifically among its individual types, since there are always a few that are at the top of the list. We have already reviewed the list of fire-type Pokémon levels, but now is the time to cool off with the water Pokemon. So today, we are going to discuss the 10 best water and purple Pokémon.

10. Quagmire

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Arriving to the tenth place is the water and earth type Pokémon, Quagmire. Unlike other water/earth Pokémon, which we will talk about later, Quagmire is simply a great complete Pokémon with a great defense. This defense is backed by its 95 HP and 85 defense statistics, allowing you to receive blows when necessary.

However, what puts this Pokémon one step above others is their type of water/earth, which gives it only a weakness in grass type movements. With this in mind, Quagmire becomes a great defensive option for many teams and takes the most having a single weakness in the game, something that very Pokémon throughout the franchise can say.

9. Eliza

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The first generation of nine Pokémon for the list is the water and psychic type Pokemon, Eliza. Eliza did not waste time to have a significant impact on scarlet & Purple, having good statistics in general with a solid-type combo in Water and Psychic, in addition to having access to the new and powerful Psychic type movement, Psychic Fangs, which combines very much Well with your 102 attack statistics

He was even selected as one of the Pokémon champion of the Pokémon League for his team! With that in mind, Eliza rests comfortably in the ninth place on the list.

8. Mauro water

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Claiming eighth place is a new regional variant in the form of Aqua Taurus. Taurus received multiple new regional variants, and its water and fighting shape has to do with an immense attack power with a solid defense.

While it lacks speed, Aqua Taurus can be an excellent defensive option in certain situations, while having enough power to retaliate against those who oppose him.

7. Tatsugiri

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Easily the less threatening Pokémon in terms of design, but do not always judge a book on its cover, since Tatsugiri is a force to take into account when combined with his friend, London. Tatsugiri has an incredible combination of types in dragon and water, so it is only weak for dragon and fairy movements.


It can be small, but its latent dragon power can be unleashed with its incredible special attack statistics of 120, which allows you to demolish those who underestimate it. However, when combined with London, its hidden ability, commander, combines it with London, which gives both a special attack, a special defense and a speed increased in two accumulations. Speaking of London…

6. London

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As mentioned above, when London is combined with Tatsugiri, he obtains an immense impulse in special attack, special defense and speed, which makes him one of the most dangerous against which to fight. However, even without Tatsugiri, London has a great attack and defense, which allows him to be a great wall Pokemon in case you need time to recover or configure other Pokémon. This is backed by its amazing statistics of 150 HP and 115 defense.

To get your whole potential, having a tatsugiri nearby will allow you to end an opposite team easily. However, Tatsugiri will only activate this skill in double battles, so keep it in mind.

5. Yards

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They say you can’t defeat the classics and, in some cases, you can’t, like Yards. Yards has been a basic element of water type Pokémon for more than 20 years and demonstrates to this day that age is just a number.

Speaking of numbers, among all Pokémon on this list, Yards has the total highest general statistics with a total of 540, surpassing most Pokémon in general, which makes it shy for a pseudo-legendary Pokémon. With a decent volume, an incredible attack power and only two weaknesses, it is certain to say that Yards will not leave the list of the 10 best in the short term.

4. Quaquaval

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The final evolution of the water-type initiator, quaquaval, makes its debut in the 4th position on the list. This Pokémon follows a popular tendency of hits strong, hits fast and with its unique movement, Aqua-Step, which increases its speed in a stack by attack, Quaquaval follows the trend very well.

However, it falls short in the Department of Defense, but with enough speed accumulations, this Pokémon can overcome the competition without having to worry about being beaten. That said, it was still the best initial Pokémon, that’s all.

3. Paladin

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Until the last three, the first Pokémon Delphi, Paladin, claims third place. While it seems harmless to the beginning, his unique ability, Zero to Hero, allows him to move from a normal Pokemon to a legendary Pokémon with his hero transformation after being changed.

In general, Paladin has a total concession statistics of around 450, but after transforming in its hero mode, that total is triggered at 650, placing it along or above most of the legendary Pokémon. The main inconvenience, of course, is that Paladin must appear in the battle, exchange with another Pokémon and then return to activate the hero mode. High risk, high reward is the motto of this Pokémon.

two. Airmail

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Not all Pokémon are destined to be offensive powers, since some may be defensive giants such as Autofill. On paper, Autofill has a total statistics quite low of only 420, but since most of its statistics prioritize the special defense and defense, it becomes a wall that cannot be broken in most cases.

It has a fantastic combination of types of water and fairy, which gives complete immunity to dragon Pokemon and, at the same time, can refresh those annoying types of fire. There are defensive Pokémon, and then there is Amarillo. However, only a Pokémon can be at the top of the hierarchy.


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Last but not least, the other water and land type Pokemon that we mentioned earlier, Mastodon. Like Amarillo, Mastodon is an excellent defensive option for most teams, since it only has weaknesses in Grass type movements. Not only that, but it has a first-level hidden ability known as Storm Drain.

Storm Drain allows Mastodon to absorb any incoming water type movement and turn it into power, raising its special attack on a level. Competitive players know very well how amazing this ability is, and with that in mind, Mastodon rests safe at the top of the list.

That is all you need to know about the 10 best water type Pokemon in scarlet and purple. Be sure to review some of our lists, such as the 10 best Pokémon designs that make no sense or the 10 best Pokémon in general.

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