Valorant: third -party pages ruin the game giving information for which they could ban you

With the arrival of Riot Games, external applications try to give additional information about the state of the game. Some of these statistics are quite interesting, attractive and important to see what you can improve and your individual performance. However, there are some programs that make you simple games, so much that they could ban for using information that they give you the same

A new blitz. GG update shows the general damage within the round, but is still updated in real time in your Valorant games. That is, we can still see the changes in the damage. For example, if I give Jet 40, it is updated to 40. If another hits Jet 80, the damage received by Jet to 120 will be updated, so if you are in a clutch you will know that you will not need to look out, with hide you And give him a bullet you will kill him.


This gives a brutal amount of information, since on some occasions we do not know if they have hurt them through some wall bang, such as the Ascent map or through the fumes, since many times when crossing bullets in the fumes You can do quite damage to the rivals.

Using them in departure can be a reason for ban

We have already commented on some previous article, but we recommend you in a way that you do not use these external applications. Although you do not believe it, these are a reason why Riot Games can sanction you, since it can be considered that you can obtain an advantage that you would not have in normal conditions.

This last update emphasizes this point, since you know the damage you have done, and you can play with that info along the entire round, and more if they do not have a healer or for example the damage you have done it to a Skye, who is a healer but cannot heal himself.


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