The western launch of Harry Potter Magic Awakened delayed to 2023


With its license and gameplay which obtains both MMO, RPG and gathering card video games, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened consulted with a strong success with Chinese gamers considering that its launch in Asia in September (in two Regular monthly months, the game would have created a turnover valued at $228 million on Google Play and the App Shop). While doing so, Ne tease and Warner (the licensee and the designer) therefore announced a place of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened for a launch in the West in the course of Lannée-and the title is lob jet of a Western pre-registration campaign last April.

On socials media, the developer however reveals a postponement of the western trip of the video game, now set at 2023 without other details. Ne tease is not prolix on the reasons for this hold-up, and simply stimulates the requirement for a bit more time to be able to provide the very best possible game experience. We will therefore wait, even if in 2023, lovers of the license might be more inclined to turn to Hogwarts Tradition, whose exit currently is revealed for February 10.

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