Casual RPG Rooney Z, 22nd OBT Start


Valor (CEO Shin Jae-young) announced on the 22nd that it has started a public test (OBT) of the PC casual RPG ‘Round Z’ developed and serviced by Allen.

OBT can participate by downloading ‘Rooney Z’ from the FUN homepage.

Rooney Z, which became very popular in the 2000s, was loved by its excellent game performance and cooperative play elements among users, and has surpassed 30,000 concurrent users and 5 million global cumulative users.

The newly born ‘Rooney Z’ will not only reproduce the nostalgia of those days, but will also seek differentiation with a solid operation that communicates with users.

In particular, it reflects the opinions of the CBT testers who have received a 50.8%reconnection rate and reflects the opinions of the CBT testers, and the dolls ‘Darcy’ and the archer ‘Alien’ are added to the two new characters, allowing all seven characters to play all seven characters.

In addition, the company plans to provide a more pleasant play environment by collecting feedback from users to improve the content in the game and adjust the balance between characters.

In addition, a rich event will be held to commemorate the start of OBT, and a lot of prizes such as iPad, AirPods, Mini Gold Bar, and Cultural Gift Certificates will be presented through a lottery among users who achieved 150 scores.

The attendance event will be held until the 27th, providing paid items such as the restoration seat of the goddess, Oriel’s hand, and the cheering coin of the Republic of Korea.

Shin Jae-young, CEO of Below, said, We were able to show ‘Rooney Z’ thanks to the active feedback and affectionate support of many people. I said.

For more information about Rooney Z, visit the FUN.

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