Developed with the Unreal Engine 5 engine, Archeage 2 will be released on PC and consoles

No launch window has actually been communicated for this new big production which already reveals the color in regard to realization with this trailer that it is most likely better to take with a couple of tweezers. Acreage 2 will always take place on the continent of Aurora, a high location of the wonderful medieval. This video also schedules winks to the initial video game that the 20 million users who have been part of the experience will have the ability to take, whether that of the original game or its new variation released in 2019, ARCH AGE: UNCHAINED.


Aka Games and Games revealed the MMORPG Acreage 2 at the G-Star Susan show in South Korea. Successor of the game released in 2013, Acreage 2 aims to head out not just on PC however also on consoles.

Executive manufacturer of the Games studio, Jake Tune says a bit more about his aspirations with this suite:

The trade of Acreage I were valued by many players, however the system had some faults. In Acreage II, we plan to enhance the trade system so that players can make exchanges alone, in group or raid.

Another popular archery I include was the real estate feature. We prepare to enhance it by adding more customizations, enabling gamers to live in cities with their good friends, and even by developing their own cities with members of their guild.


We mainly focus on fights abundant in action along with the production of an immersive scenario. We are targeting AAA level visuals with the Unreal Engine 5 and have the intention of offering a non-linear experience, based on Progress, in an open and transparent world.

The chronology resembles that of Acreage I. When Aurora has been found and people are beginning to settle there, this is a duration. The intrigue will consist in finding and solving the mysteries of an Ancient civilization which has been forgotten for thousands of years, letting it blend into the natural surroundings.

Acreage 2-Première Trailer

The chronology is similar to that of Acreage I.

Acreage 2-Overview with the executive producer of GAMES (Jake Tune).

Acreage 2 will constantly take place on the continent of Aurora, a high place of the great medieval. This video also books winks to the initial video game that the 20 million users who have been part of the adventure will be able to seize, whether that of the initial game or its brand-new version released in 2019, ARCH AGE: UNCHAINED.


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