The best nature for TOEDSCOOL and TOEDSCRUEL in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon rarely introduces new jellyfish into the game, but when they do it, they always look like a tentacle and a distant relative of Tententchel. But in the Scarlet and Violet there are species that look exactly like them: Toadstool and Toedscruel. But unlike aggressive species from the canteen, these two are more inclined to stay away from strangers. Correct nature can help support their protective habits.

What is the best suitable for TOADSTOOL and TOEDSCRUEL in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

The best nature for TOADSTOOL and TOEDSCRUEL in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

  • Delicate (+SP. ZAM.,-Cash.)
  • Calm (+SP. Cash.,-attack)
  • Caution (+SP. ZAM.,-SP. AAK)

TOADSTOOL and Ted Cruz High SP. The statue of protection. When confronts SP. Ammunition of the Gardener and Comrade, Toadstool and ToedScruel will survive a lot of hits. Softness is the best nature for this, but you can also choose calm and caution. Just do not teach them one type of attack (physical or special) depending on the negatively affected characteristic.


How to choose the best nature in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The choice of better nature is not always as simple as cases of TOADSTOOL and TOEDSCRUEL. In some cases, coaches should think about nature, which can complement their highest indicator, instead of making sure that the enhanced indicator is their highest.

For example, Equally is better at an increased speed, and not with an attack, despite the fact that the latter is the highest. This is so, Equally and its subsequent evolution can receive the first blow every move. However, with tank Pokémon, such as Toadstool and ToedScruel, more than normally strengthen its protection.

The best nature diagram in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Nature Increased characteristics Reduced characteristics
Lonely Attack Protection
Adamant Attack Special attack
Naughty Attack Special protection
Brave Attack Speed
Brave Protection Attack
mischievous Protection Special attack
Lax Protection Special attack
Relaxed Protection Speed
Modest Special attack Attack
Insignificant Special attack Protection
Rash Special attack Special protection
Quiet Special attack Speed
Calm Special protection Attack
Delicate Special protection Protection
Caution Special protection Special attack
Daring Special protection Speed
Timid Speed Attack
Hasty Speed Protection
Cheerful Speed Special attack
Naive Speed Special protection

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