Samurai Jack Jack would arrive in Multiversus

The second season of Multiverses is already underway, and while it is expected that in the future we will see more content for this title, a recent filtration indicates that one of the most loved properties of Cartoon Network will soon make an act of appearance in this game.

According to Lies, a renowned mining of data in the Multiverses community, a mention of the AKU mountain in the game code has been found. While this refers to a scenario that would arrive in the future, it has been pointed out that, at the same time, we would also see Jack by samurai jack joins the fighters catalog.


Although this may sound like positive news for fans, it is important to mention that at the moment there is no official information. Along with this, multiple insider and data miners have pointed out that characters like Joker and Beetlejuice will also join the game, something that has not happened so far. Thus, nothing guarantees Jack’s participation in this delivery.

However, considering the popularity of Samurai Jack and the fact that so many years have not passed since the end of the series, this possibility is not ruled out. In related issues, you can learn more about the second season of Multiverses here.

Editor’s note:

Samurai Jack is one of my favorite cartoons. The original series was special for the Cartoon Network of the beginning of the century, and many continue to remember with love. For its part, Adult Swim’s conclusion was almost perfect, and the end is one of the most emotional of a cartoon.

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