How to overcome Alfornada Gym Test & Leader at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet present a new way of playing by allowing the player to choose against what leaders of gym fight. However, although players can choose the order, it will not affect the general level of the gym. The Alford gym, home of the psychic type gym, is no exception, since it has the highest second level Pokémon to face between all gym tests. So today, let’s talk how to overcome the gymnastics test and Alford leader at Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

How to overcome the Alford gymnastics test

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The carrier gymnastics test includes a musical test that players must continue to dance. The instructor (the woman on the left) will give a visual indication of what the players owe. For example, for an anger pose, you must press the X button when indicated. Here is an example below:

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You will have to do this dance routine a couple of times before finally completing it. Between each routine, the instructor will pause and ask you to fight against two of the gym coaches. Draft them, end the dance routine, and you will have the opportunity to face the leader of the psychic gym, Tulip.

How to overcome the gym leader Julian

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Tulip, leader of the psychic type gym, has four Pokémon, three of which are level 44, while her star Pokemon is at level 45. She begins the battle with the final evolution of Gigafarad, Farigiraf, which is of type normal and psychic. Since it is a normal part, ghost type movements will have no effect on it, so you apply for dark type movements to end it. The next is Empathy, a pure psychic Pokémon that can easily be defeated with dark and ghostly movements. Gardener is Tulip’s third Pokémon, which is psychic and fairy. Since it is part of Fairy, it will be super effective against your dark type Pokémon, so stay with a ghost to deal quickly with Gardener before moving on to his star Pokemon, Flores.

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Flores is normally a pure fairy type Pokemon, but after Tulip uses Crystallize, it now becomes a pure psychic type. That does not facilitate things, since it will continue to have access to their Fairy Type movements, which are super effective against Dark Type. However, because it is a pure psychic type, dark types will continue to work against Flores, as well as ghost type movements. Defeat Flores and you will have successfully overcome the Alford gymnastics test. Tulip will then reward you with his badge and a selfie.

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That is all you need to know how to overcome Alford Gym Test & Leader in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Be sure to consult other guides, such as how to find and catch Wiglet, or how to find and catch NaClO.


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