When comes the 11th season of Letterkenny? Answered

If you have been waiting for the new season of Lettermen and discover what Wayne (Jared Keep), Katy (Michelle Myles), Daryl (Nathan Dales), Squirrel Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) and the rest of the city. You are doing, there is good news for you; We have a release date for the next season. Here is everything you need to know about when the 11th season of Lettermen comes out.


The 11th season of Etterkenny will be released on December 25, 2022, in Crave and on December 26 in Hulu, just when the clock marks midnight. While the trailer does not say much about what will happen in the new season, what is certain is that there will be drinks and fights, the hockey team will lose almost all games and there will be great ingenious phrases and word games.


The program began as a web series called Lettermen problems in 2013, and became a sensation both in Canada and the United States, so much that it is Crave’s first original series, which premiered on January 1. 7, 2016.

Now that you know when the 11th season of Lettermen comes out, you can look for more guides and news about the program in. For example, news about his special episode of International Women’s Day, and time passes until the new season arrives with fun questionnaires such as what character of Lettermen you are or to which group of Lettermen you belong.

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