WoW Dragon Flight: All rewards for the 18th birthday of the MMOS

In this guide for the World of Warcraft birthday, you can find out:

  • How the birthday event works
  • How long the event takes
  • What rewards you can dust off

The 18th birthday of World of Warcraft

The time has come again: WoW celebrates its birthday. The MMO becomes of legal age and rewarded you with numerous event bosses, strong loot and more. The event will take place until November 27, 2022-so you have enough time to secure all the rewards.

What can I do during the WOW birthday event?

Old world bosses are being activated again during the big in-game party. These drop equipment and weapons with an item level of 272. The parts are really strong and at the level of the heroic variant of the last slaughterhouse from WoW: Shadow lands, the mausoleum of the first.

If you want to equip your character or twinks for WoW: Dragon Flight, the birthday event offers the perfect option. Together with the pre-event for the new expansion, you bring your characters to a strong level of equipment in record time. You will also get an XP buff that makes it easier for you to level your characters.

In addition to the equipment parts, you also collect time-defined badges with which you can buy various cosmetic rewards. You get the badges about the daily quests and the Antenatal battlefield. You will receive the quests at Historian Lore in the caves of the time.


In addition, you will receive a gift from the developers by post. On the battlefield you can also get the two mounts Camp Arts of the Sturmlanzen and Frost wolf Knurled. You can also get another mount from the damnation converter in Tatars: the carnival falcon of the Billiard.

Which world bosses are there, and where do I find them?

A total of six world bosses await you during the birthday event:

  • Damnestlord Kazakh in the devastated lands
  • Azures in Asmara
  • Kite of the nightmare
    • Emerges in the twilight forest
    • Let hon in the hinterland
    • Caesar in the Essential
    • Yonder in Fer alas

What rewards do I get during the birthday event in WoW?

The world bosses drop different objects during the WoW birthday, but all of which are useful. Here you will find the loot tables of the individual bosses:

DigammniGelord Kazakh

  • Amulet: medallion of the blazing anger (Kit + fire damage to automatic attacks)
  • Ring: Ring of Entropy (Kit + Tempo)
  • Stab: Keeper of the amber seal (intelligence and Kit + Tempo)
  • One-handed piston: devastator of the light sky (mobility + chance of increased pace in melee attacks)
  • Fabric fears: devil-filled gaiters (intelligence and Kit + tempo)
  • Fabric arm rails: black flaming of the flame (intelligence and Kit + tempo)
  • Chain helmet: infernal brain box (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + tempo)
  • Cloak: Eskhandars fur (mobility/intelligence/strength as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Leather belt: Dismissed damnation girdle (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Leather gloves: Darnell pulp (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)


  • Dagger: fishing tooth of mystics (intelligence and Kit + tempo)
  • Magic wand: Stab of the cold slump (intelligence and Kit + tempo)
  • Cape: cloth of blessing (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + versatility)
  • Fabric helmet: crystal-decorated crown (intelligence and Kit + tempo)
  • Two-hand sword: typhoon (strength and speed + versatility)
  • Plate belt: wet melting ice belt (strength or intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Fabric gloves: snow blind shoes (intelligence and Kit + versatility)

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Dragons of the nightmare


  • Stab: Stab of rapid growth (intelligence and Kit + tempo)
  • One-handed flask: hammer of wild animal anger (mobility and speed + versatility)
  • Subsishawks: Trance stein (intelligence and Kit + Tempo)
  • Plate shoes: acid-written shin guards (strength/intelligence and Kit + Tempo)
  • Change: Green dragon skin wall (strength/intelligence/mobility as well as speed + versatility)
  • Plate arm protector: dragon bone manual protector (strength/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Chain leg protector: age-old gaiters (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Leather arm rails: dragon tip winder (mobility/intelligence and Kit + versatility)
  • Fabric gloves: gloves of insane power (intelligence and Kit + tempo)


  • Ring: Ring of the undead (Kit + versatility)
  • Amulet: dragon heart necklace (speed + versatility)
  • Crossbow: polished iron wood brother
  • Leather helmet: ripe of the restless dreams (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Chain shoes: boots of the endless moor (mobility/intelligence and Kit + Tempo)

Let hon

  • Fabric belt: belts of the dark swamps (intelligence and Kit + tempo)
  • Lederhosen: Pants of the dark heart (mobility/intelligence and Kit + versatility)
  • Fabric arm rails: black bark joint straps (intelligence and Kit + tempo)
  • Chain shoes: insidious footpaths (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Leather helmet: deviation growth cap (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + tempo)
  • Plate gloves: gambling of the apparent light (strength/intelligence and Kit + versatility)


  • Ring: ghost tear band (Kit + Tempo)
  • Single sword: nightmare blade (mobility and Kit + versatility)
  • Fabric shoes: shoes of the begging monk (intelligence and Kit + versatility)
  • Leather shoulder protection: Unnatural leather poisoning (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Leather boots: boots of terror (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)


  • Jewelry: Hibernation crystal (Tempo + Intelligence when activated)
  • Dagger: emerald green dragon fan (mobility + chance that melee attacks will meet opponents with acid)
  • Plate shoulder protection: acid-written shoulder pieces (strength/intelligence as well as Kit + versatility)
  • Chain leg protector: gaiters of the confused spirit (mobility/intelligence as well as Kit + Tempo)
  • Panel protection: strangely glyphic leg panels (strength/intelligence and speed + versatility)
  • Breast protection: Jade-finished traditional costumes (intelligence and Kit + Tempo)

Cosmetic event items for time-distorted badges

For the time distorted badges during the birthday, you can acquire different cosmetic objects from historian Ma’DI:

  • Del costume set: Edwin van Cleef-200 badges
  • Complete: Made the war-200 badges
  • Pet: timeless mechanical drachling-200 badges
  • Pet: Corgiwelpe-200 badges
  • Headdresses: Bronze-related sunglasses-200 badges
  • Headdresses: Objected Corgiblille-200 badges
  • Toys: inflatable thunder anger, blessed blade of the wind searcher-50 badges
  • Costume: calm mechanical Yeti-50 badges
  • Motor wire: Stacheber-25 badges
  • Magic wand: Trogg-25 badges
  • Magic wand: gnoll-25 badges
  • Magic wand: Murloc-25 badges

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