SWC2022 The worlds eight -person challenge starts

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] The World Finals of the Summers War World Arena Championship 2022 (SWC2022) of Com2uS (CEO Jae-won Song, Lee Johan) at 1 pm (Korea time) at Sang am Africa in Seoul (Korea time) were opened.

This year’s World Finals, which wins the SWC’s final winner this year, will be challenged to win the championship cup through the 5th round and 3rd round tournament showdown.

‘Rieger’ and ‘Ismail’ opened the door, and ‘DUNCAN’, ‘Erewhile’, ‘Tars’ and ‘Subaru’, ‘Android ~’ and ‘Assert’ selected the semi-finals of the semi-finals. Through the finals, he will cover the world’s strongest title, who will win the championship cup and total prize money of $100,000 (about 140 million won).

There is a lot of fun for visitors to the field, including the game forecast and quiz events, photo booths and SWC illustrations, and the stadium is early to participate and support the site event from 12 o’clock before entering the time. There was also a sight to find and wait in order.

The opening ceremony began with a 10-second countdown video to create expectations. On the stage, Korean casters such as the laser show and the Korean casters such as Her John, the Democratic Cham, and Patti were pouring over the ‘SWC2022’ championship.

Professional casters and commentators from all over the world also visited the site for the broadcast of the World Finals held in Seoul. Live broadcasts in 14 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, and Thai, can be viewed on Summers War esports channels, African TV, and Twitch.

Comes will provide Devilment and 6-star Legend Runes, depending on the cumulative viewers of the World Final live, and also offer game coupons during the competition.

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