[Comprehensive] 3Q influenced India Craftton, I look forward to overseas studios

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Crampon’s earnings decreased in the third quarter of this year. In July, the Battleground Mobile India (GMI) was blocked in India. Crampon is a strategy to defend traffic through the four-quarter update, and to increase the full-scale Western sales with the anticipated ‘Callisto Protocol’ early next month.

Craft ton (CEO Kim Changchun) announced on the 10th that it recorded sales of W433.8bn, operating profit of W140.3bn, and net profit of W22.64bn in the third quarter of this year. Sales decreased 16.9% YoY, operating profit fell 28.2%, and net profit rose 27%. Compared to the previous quarter, sales rose 2.4%, net profit rose 16.7%, and operating profit decreased 13.6%.

Especially in the mobile division, the blow was great. Mobile sales recorded 12% Qom and 26% year-on-year to 282.4 billion won due to the interruption of GMI. BAE Jong-un, Chief Financial Officer of Craft ton, said in a 3Q earnings presentation conference call that took place on the day, The mobile sales were similar to the level of 3Q, when the mobile sales were spreading.


However, Craft ton has repeatedly announced its willingness to resume Indian services. BAE said, India is an important market for craft tones and Indian users are still requesting and supporting the resumption of services through SNS.

We are talking with Indian authorities through various channels to resume the service, and we are discussing the normalization, but we are discussing diligently, and we will update if there is a specific progress.

On the other hand, the PC division has achieved the largest quarterly sales ever since 2019, up 48% Qom to KRW 131.1 billion. Battleground ‘Weston’ maps, supercar collaboration such as McLaren, etc. have gained great popularity, and traffic in North America and Western areas has increased. As the number of new inflows has increased after organization, the company plans to further expand the content through the launch and events that can target local users.

Console earnings also grew, up 22% Qom and 133% year-on-year. CFO said, As of the third quarter, the total sales of PCs and console sales are 33%, he said.

In the fourth quarter of the off-season, the company plans to increase content expansion. Craft Tone is planning a strategy to increase the contact point on large-scale updates and online and offline. BAE said, We will make a lot of efforts to defend traffic by launching new mode and updating the World Cup theme.

◆ Expectation in the ‘Callisto Protocol’ on December 2

On this day, Crampon also expressed expectation of the Callisto Protocol (TCP), which is about to be released on December 2.

The TCP has completed the development of development in early October, has gained high expectations in the United States, and was well received in the media preview last month. Marketing is not limited to horror fans, but plans to expand the target audience in the global market. In major global game events such as Games com, not only horror fans but also action horror user accessibility has been expanded to raise awareness of striking distance studios, and to expand user targets, additional story trailers and TV advertisements using main characters in-game. We are marketing by country until it is launched.

However, the pre-sale numbers said, It can affect the current pre-sale progress, so the specific mention is difficult.

Craft Tone plans to launch a merger and new studio to expand IP. On the day, Kraft ton announced that it will acquire the Swedish Studio Neon Giant, which developed the Action Shooter Role Game (RPG), The Ascent. Neon Giant is a studio consisting of developers with experience in triple A game production, and is currently developing an open world first-person shooting (FPS) game.

In addition, the company plans to establish a Canadian studio with the global development staff who will be in charge of ‘Project Windless’ of the recently recruited ‘Drinking Birds’, and start developing a new experience.

In addition, as a project developed as a PC and console, ▲ PVP VE Hard Core Luthier Genre ‘Project BLACK BUDGET’ ▲ Multi PVP VE Shooter Genre ‘Project Roam’ ▲ Adventure Genre ‘Subnautica 2) ‘

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