One Publo Odyssey: The straw hats take a trip to Water Seven in the brand-new trailer

One Piece followers still need to hold your horses for a good two months till they are allowed to accompany their favored pirates on a brand-new adventure: On January 13th, one Fuel Odyssey dives in.

It was initially provided the brand-new island of Watford in the One Item Universal, it was revealed some time ago that Ruffy and his team in the upcoming computer game descendant with the power of memory can likewise go to past traveling destinations. In addition to the desert kingdom of Alabama, it is apparently additionally returning to the Venice Perch Water Seven.

One Pipe Odyssey: The return of the Cipher pol 9

However, the paradise tour into the past is dimmed by black clouds: Sysop is kidnapped as well as certainly the inside men of the world government, the supposed CP9 consisting of pigeon breeders as well as leopard fruit customers Rob Gucci, have their fingers in the game. With Marine admiral Asking alias Bauer Hasan, Luffy and his friends additionally have to deal with one more danger to Water 7.


But the journey in the memories of the pirates also has attractive pages: a reunion with the Traveling Lamb, the devoted ship of the straw hats, should allow the city’s already high water level still be soared by one or the various other tear. With any luck there is not an Aqua Laguna once more!

In the new trailer, the city of water ripples in all its aspects and also lets the straw hat pirates experience their very first check out again. It is essential to delight in regional specialized, slide via the channels on the back of the Niagara Bullet and also to go to the homeowners of the city.

infinite opportunities by the power of memory

When you introduced the new personality LIM in marketing around One Public Odyssey, which has the toughness to let individuals live their memories again and after that disclosed the return to Alabama, several One Piece fans should have currently presumed, which indicates that indicates.

With the discussion of Water 7, this uncertainty has actually now been confirmed: The brand-new journey of the straw hat pirates will check out greater than simply one of the past anime/manga areas. You can discover which you besides Alabama as well as Water Seven, at the most recent from January 13th, when One Pipe Odyssey for PlayStation 4 and also 5, Xbox Series X | S and also the PC shows up.

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