Turtles and sponge bob popular characters gathering! Announcement of all 25 characters included in Nicolo Deon All -Star Brawl

3GOO is a total of 25 characters recorded in the party fighting game Nikola Deon All-Star Brawl Ultimate Edition by Sponge Bob and Turtles, the characters of the popular anime channel Nicole Deon. Was announced.

■ All characters recorded

  1. Sponge Bob

  2. Patrick

  3. Sandy

  4. Ann

  5. Toff

  6. Korea

  1. Lincoln Loud

  2. Lucy Loud

  3. Leonardo

  4. Michelangelo

  5. April O’Neill

  6. Shredder


  1. Len and Skimpy

  2. Monaco Toast man

  3. Gym

  4. Cat dog

  5. Report

  6. Nazi Gel Thorn berry

  7. Helga

  8. Danny Phantom

  9. Online

  10. Garfield

  11. Jenny

  12. Hugh Neutron

  13. Rocco

This work is a great brawl parties where popular characters blow away. Up to 4 people can enjoy online and local. It has been released on Steam and overseas console, but it has been announced that the Japanese version will be released on November 24 for PS4/Nintendo Switch.

Nicole Deon All-Star Brawl Alto met Edition will be released on November 24, 2022, for PS4 (PS5 free upgrade)/Nintendo Switch. Currently, the Nintendo E Shop is currently conducting a download in advance, where the selling price is 15%off.

Also, from this night, the first character commentary video How to use Sponge Bob by video creator Plunge, who is good at brawl games, will be released.

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