[Rolled Cup] DRX story continues, the final with T1 beyond Zenji (General)

LCK No. 4 Seed DRX’s ‘Miracle’ is not over yet.

On the 31st, the 2022 LOL World Championship (Rolled Cup) semifinals were played at the Atlanta State Palm Arena. DRX won in the match between Benji and DRX’s LCK team. In the LCK Summer, DRX defeated Benji, but headed for the final with the most dramatic victory in the Rolled Cup.

One set was preempted by Benji. The game started with the team’s top liner. Once he exchanged kills on his opponent’s bot line, ‘Moran’ Choir Hyun-joon rolled out the solo kills of ‘Def’ Kim Ryukyu’s Miss Fortune. In the second dragon battle, a key dealer, Azir-Miss Fortune, came out, and the flow continued in the object battle. DRX’s Norm so was blocked by Tom Ken chi of Risen Son Si-woo, and Benji won the first set.

DRX caught up with one set. At the beginning, Benji led the game in favor. ‘Ruler-Rihenz’ received ganging and secured a kill and seemed to take the lead against the ‘Def-Berry’ Caitlin-Lux. But DRX was more concentrated in the match. I pushed the mid-line first and gained a gain in every object battle. ‘Zeta’ Kim Gun-woo’s ARI took the opportunity to counterattack by targeting Bars of Ruler, which grew well in each battle of Dragon. DRX was able to create the composition of the desired battle by cutting off ‘Ch obi’ when Benji attempted Baron Burst. In the end, DRX finished the two sets with a reversal of the ‘Gift’ Caitlyn’s growth time.

The three sets began with the DRX clearly taking the lead in the tower. It was a confrontation between tankers, but ‘mark’ Hong Changchun gave strength from the beginning. As the right of ‘King gen’ made a solo kill, there was a picture that took over the sideline. Benji put ‘Ch obi’ into the sideline, but ‘King gen’ and DRX were firm. Even the mid-line engagement was overwhelmed by the DRX, and the DRX was ahead of the set score 2: 1.

The DRX took four sets and confirmed the victory. In the beginning, Kindred, the marker, grew steadily by pushing the ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho’s Big. From the third dragon battle, ‘Moran’ Choir Hyun-joon’s Benetton overwhelmed Kindred in a row. But DRX also knew it would bring back again. He also cut off ‘Moran’, who joined ‘Peanut’ to prevent bursts around the Baron region. Since then, DR, who defeated Benji and read objects, headed for the final with the T1.

■ 2022 LOL World Championship Semifinal 2 matches

Benji esports 1 vs 3 DR
1 set Benji e-sports win vs loses DRX
2 set Benji e-sports loses vs Win DRX
3 set Benji e-sports loses vs Win DRX
4 set Benji e-sports loses vs Win DRX

■ 2022 LOL World Championship Final Schedule

T1 vs DRX-6th 9:00 am

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