How to get rich soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dream light Valley, players can collect various items necessary to perform various quests. One of the objects you encounter is rich soil, and it can be quite rarely found. Unlike pebbles, sand, stone and ordinary soil, rich soil can be difficult to purchase, as it requires a large harvest. Here’s how to get rich soil in Disney Dream light Valley.

Где найти богатую почву в Долине Дримлайт Диснея?

Rich soil is a resource for the production of food that you can find in any of the biomes. However, it is not as common as ordinary soil. Players need to plant and harvest to get rich soil in Disney Dream light Valley. The best way is to digest free space and add different types of seeds. You will need to regularly water these plantations to harvest on time. As soon as they ripen and are ready, proceed to the collection of the crop. Rich soil is issued as a reward for harvesting. Although you will not find it in large quantities, you can repeat the process of planting seeds and their collection to get rich soil in Disney Dream light Valley.

Remember that rich soil is found only sometimes when harvesting, so you need to repeat the process to get more. This item is sold for 25-Star Coins, and we recommend that you store it at home for future quests. The last update of Scar’s Kingdom brought to the game many new elements, including the popular character of Sharma from the King of Leo. The players who want to start the storyline of the scars first need to perform several quests in which Mother Hotel participates.

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