With almost 1000 Pokemon and fans complaining nine years ago, there is still an animal that was not represented

From the first Pokémon game to its anime and movies, we have seen various types of these different creatures including winged types, fire, earth, plant, water and even ghost. Pokémon can very much resemble animals, such as Produce that resembles an organic duck, Growth, which is clearly a reference to cats and even Komodo reminiscent of a Komodo dragon. However, there is a particular animal that has never been represented and there is no Pokémon that looks like it.

What animal is this?

You may have realized that it is a water Pokémon and probably said whale… Wrong, because there is Warlord or Wielder and others. The animal in question is the… dolphin.

What is not lacking are artists who have created versions of dolphin Pokémon, but don’t think this is a current problem, as there is a post in the Reddit of more than nine years ago where a user already talked about it. Apparently almost a decade later it is not in the interest of Nintendo to create a dolphin Pokémon.

In addition to Leafy heart and Reddit post there are already artists who considered the possibility. After all the dolphin is not such a rare and unusual animal. In fact, it is quite popular and known, so why would Nintendo bet on pellets, Komodo dragons, lions, snakes and even cheap, but not on graceful and friendly dolphins?

We see in this post of Durability that already considered the idea of Pokemon dolphin leaks six years ago. Today we are sure it was nothing official. Ky ogre resembles a whale, actually an orca that is a kind of dolphin, but… no legitimate dolphin. A Reddit user ought the subject to the last year.

How about you? Never missed a Pokémon that represented the dolphin class? Scarlet & Violet may finally introduce us to this creature, but everything is still a rumor and there is no image. Doesn’t Nintendo like the animal?

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