How to go through the test Earth, Sea and Air in Bitlife

To fulfill the task land, sea and air in _bit life,You must complete the following tasks in the game.

Collect a collection of cars worth more than $1 million. *
Collect a collection of jet skis worth more than $1 million.
Collect a collection of aircraft worth more than $1 million.
* Excess a dangerous meeting on one of your boats or aircraft

To start the test, we recommend that you first create a character in order to find a job in order to quickly earn a lot of money.

Because of this, we recommend trying to take the post of general director or something similar, since you will need to buy many things in order to complete the first three tasks.

To complete the first task, you will need to buy a lot of expensive cars to collect a collection with a total value of one million dollars.

At the same time, we recommend buying the most expensive cars from the list in car dealerships until you have a collection worth 1 million. You can also find car dealerships on the Buying tab in the Assets section.

The next goal is similar, only this time for boats. So, after you collected a collection of cars for a million, repeat the same actions with boats.

Nevertheless, you will need to go through the boat test before you can buy them. After that, you will need to buy and assemble a collection of aircraft worth one million in order to complete the third task.

After all three collection items worth one million dollars will be raised, you will need to survive a dangerous meeting either with a boat or with aircraft.

To do this, you will need to bring either a boat or a plane until a dangerous meeting occurs. It depends a little on a random number, so you may need to make several trips both on an airplane and a boat until an event occurs.

When this finally happens, you will survive to complete the last task, what you can do if you know how to swim. This is because swimming training will give you more chances to survive in a dangerous meeting.

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