The Odyssey of the medium and small streamers to live on Twitch: not everything is a path of roses

The content creation has always been something that has been in our lives since almost always. Whether on television before or on platforms now, there are many people who have the job to entertain many others every day, week or year through different options such as playing a video game, presenting a program or simply chatting with your audience. They come to mind very great names of our country, such as Iillojuan, IAI or Autoplay… but, What happens to those who are not as great as they do? Can you also live from this?

That is why MGG Spain wanted to interview five creators of medium and small Twitch content in terms of numbers to know what their day-to-day life is like, as they face directly, the problems that Twitch causes with their rules to the rules to the more humble, and the importance of having good mental health if you are streamer. We introduce you to Rebeca and Ezequiel (Equip), Bárbara (Valencian), Juan (Anuj), Alejandro (Punk) and Alicia (Profiler), Five streamers who live from creating content and that despite the obstacles and problems that Twitch gives, or other external factors are at the foot of the cannon because it is their passion.

different origins but with the same destiny

The origin of many of these creators is quite different on each other, but in the end they all disembark in the same:, but he began to climb more and more following his cinema/dog game, a series of humor sketches with inseparable companion Rebeca. On the other hand we have Jaylen , who began playing Fortnite in his PS4 and And J, which after a very moved 2019 really began in 2020.

Punk , on the other hand, began in the worst possible way, since he began to broadcast with a MAC, which, although it is good in the edition, to make direct is not entirely good. The only one that came as a support was Alicia , who took advantage of her pull in TikTok to take the step to streaming.

Most of them did not have a turning point as such: Mi Evolution on the platform was progressive , says Alicia. However, Jaylen began with a low average, but following the pandemic everything exploded: In 2020/2021 I exploded completely and had thousands of spectators in each live, says the creator of content. Alejandro went little to Little growing to Marbella, which was his great explosion in the mainstream, although the latter comments that this is no reason to climb forever: The issue of staying is difficult to grow if you are not in the circle.

Advertising above subscriptions

When we ask him if it was possible As you do not have other supports as sponsors on your channel it is impossible, says Ezequiel. However, Anuj and Alicia make a subsection: if you live in large cities such as Barcelona or Madrid in this case, everything is done uphill. Nor can you live on Twitch, everything is more a matter of the luck you have according to what else than anything else; Jaylen comments

In turn, many have told us that currently its main source of income is not subscriptions, but advertising : Now there is the issue of advertising, which is half of my income, says Punk. Anuj is more paragraph and comments that this is completely normal on the platform watching the course he is taking: Twitch is changing his monetization model of subscriptions to advertising because he is the one that is the most income.

Growing as female streamer

We wanted to talk to Jaylen, Alicia and Rebeca about what it is to grow on the platform being female streamer , and the truth is that both have a different vision but at the same time as equal to what it entails being a woman in the world of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of the creation of Content: In the short term it is easy to grow, but the difficult thing is to know how Streamers tops, you see that Murmurs is the one that is the highest, we all know for what it is and in spite of that is in the 60th position of medium ** ; Jaylen comments.

Alicia for her part does not believe that growing as female streamer is easy as such: It is very true that the audience you can have can vary from one day to another come to see a girl because it is physically ‘x’, and when there are 200 people in your live, half are straws. Are you really growing like streamer? No;) What you are going to do is that your direct decline sooner or later.

I am a person who cannot silence this kind of thing of turning a blind eye and I do not look what people are saying about me; it bothers me. If you are a fool and come to the stream you take a street ban ; I don’t want to endure people who are telling me completely sexualized things about my body (…). A short relationship streamers can receive more attention, but the attention you will receive is not positive in Absolute . You have to liquidate them little by little, says Alicia.

Rebeca has not had so much problem, since most followers come from Equip and are quite educated and good with her: From time to time someone comes telling me that I am not going to spend a soul for example for being a woman or something similar (…) The good thing is that My moderators are fast and throw those people instantly .

too many hours live?

Something we wanted to address with these streamers was the big problem that Twitch is lately about the live hours’ relationship with profits . Equip and Rebeca are clear: When you reach an acceptable number of subscribers What do you want to do more live time than you should? I still don’t understand how many people do that, I think it’s more pure ambition than anything else
Anuj comments that one of the reasons for this is the improvement of advertising regarding subscriptions: With the payment of advertising obviously yes; if you have a certain stability, doing more hours is free money, but in my opinion it is also, also counterproductive. I think that To do many hours removes value to broadcasts and in the long term people burns . Station is a very Chung model, it is a kind of slot for twitch because it leaves the spectator attached to the screen.


Punk comments that it also depends on the case, but because of the experience he has had in other works such as hospitality, for him to be 6 hours live is not to exploit: I have been working for 16 years (…) It is true that creating Content encompasses more than being in front of a screen, but I buy to be like this and collect 1200 euros than instead of being screwed as a waiter in a restaurant and charging less.

The lottery to get the partner and favoritism on Twitch

A Exception to Punk , who decided to be cautious and wait to have good numbers, to all the creators we have interviewed they did not give the partner to the first . Everyone comments the same when talking about the subject: the requirements to be a partner of the platform go beyond only what is officially requested. On the one hand they say that there are preferences according to people, while others comment on the invisible standards asks: Normally asks you to up to 35 Tier 1 subscriptions in which the prime twitch does not count , Anuj tells us.

He met the requirements months before asking for the partner, but he had seen colleagues who had not yet received it and had been broadcasting on the platform fulfilling these requirements, Alicia said. Something that surprised me to meet, was that many told me that there were clear favoritism son the platform. Equip and Rebeca threw for the statistical: For what categories it is more difficult, such as the art issue where there are not so many people.

Twitch if it carries as a kind of history of what you do on the Internet . If you are listing it brown, do not come to Twitch for people to forgive you because the platform will go for you to weigh that you have not done anything inside the platform ; Alicia comments on this type of favoritism. Juan on his part comments that it is something totally factual , and that one of the clearest examples was the 5 minutes of Autoplay in front of the 3-day ban of IAI for the same thing.

The Jaylen Odyssey and the lack of empathy of the platform

One of the cases I want to highlight in the report is that of Jaylen ; The content creator has been out of the Twitch wave for almost a year because of a problem with another platform: A year ago I went to Facebook, but half a year later all the creators of medium content and small without warning , says the creator. When I returned to Twitch I realized that they ‘punished me’ for going to another platform, and they didn’t let me opt for the affiliate until 2023 .

Thus, Jaylen has been almost half a year on Twitch without practically not getting a hard, and when the platform changed the policy on exclusivity, there was no response: It has been requested the return of the affiliate for more than two weeks and I have not received a Message, I have gone from talking to a person to talk to a robot . Luckily, Jaylen has already achieved the affiliate, but it has been more because of There and Ring craft than for their statistics (which far exceed the request for the affiliate). Following this he wanted to ask if Twitch was empathic, and they all agreed that this closeness had disappeared.

Punk comments that all this lack of empathy has even reached those above: Many people of the company have gone and decisions have gone worse for people. The September is being a real shit . For its part, Anuj comments that it is normal since Twitch is a company like anyone and only does it care what the English community says: The Spanish speaker is too concentrated, and it is only 10% of the platform, it is not the same as in The US that everything is much more distributed.

slots and the absurd amount of money for broadcasting the content

The slots have also been protagonists these days, and of the creators and creators with whom we have spoken, some of them have already received offers by casinos and Cryptos. Virtually everyone has commented that they would not, but Punk has been the only one who, in a very remote case, would study the situation: In principle I would not do it for everything I suppose, and it is something that I do not like. Kali spent Lol To slots radically, and I thought ‘how can this content make if it is super boring’ This does not solve the month, I solve the year .

Even so, Anuj comments that it is something counterproductive, since Twitch itself also has its gambling methods: I know it is not the same, but things like bet with points of the channel or increase the Hype train encouraging more Subscriptions is something done by Twitch with the same purpose .

Hate and mental health for less large content creators

Something that I wanted to comment yes or yes to these creators was the theme of hate and how they mentally face direct . Luckily, many have managed to deal with the hate, although at first it always costs: I have had stages; at first it was the typical that got angry and answered on Twitter; now I usually pass, although there are sometimes that I have to answer some comment from Someone very subnormal. They are people who are bored , most speak without having any idea, says Alejandro.

Ezequiel, meanwhile, comments that luckily we have not had many problems in this area, I am little more when I get into much more sensitive things as a policy, but nothing in the other world. Juan thanked to listen to creators of veteran or large content like Iillojuan or Alexelcapo , since if all this came to catch him at another time that he would have affected him a lot, but because at that time he had an external dependence on what Through the rest.

To me the comment that hurts me is the comment made by my colleague , not an internet random. You must have emotional intelligence to live with the hate; every year you spend on the Internet is a year that you are in the Hell. If I had started in 2015, it would be burned ; Juan comments.

In turn, he tells us that doing direct has been one of the best decisions of his life, since it has been the only thing he has done so constant in so long: I have developed as a person doing stream, and it is something I appreciate. Luckily I did not make myself famous very fast, because I think I would have ruined me alone . An error that you make with 100 average spectators, it is still with a thousand, and you go to shit.

Equip also wanted to emphasize a break, because from time to time you are about to explode, and you need to stop: On many occasions it becomes very difficult, between you have no ideas and that you have pressure, there are moments that you explode and You need to say to your sponsors or equipment that you have to stop to not explode .

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