Nexon, Baek Byung -jeon PVP Warhaven In -house test favorable review

The company’s in-house test of Back Byung-soo’s PVP game ‘War haven’, which is being developed by Nixon, has been completed in acclaim for employees. Nixon employees participated in the in-house test, which was held for 7 hours a day for four days from September 20 to 23.

Regarding the in-house test, Nixon added that the number of employees’ play time was an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes, and after the end of the test, the employees responded positively with high satisfaction with the game.

■ Easy operation, exhilarating blow, personalized performance… It leads to ‘one more’

The most popular element in the in-house test was by far a simple operation and a thrilling blow, Nixon said. As the popularization of Back Byeongjeon is introduced, even the first users can easily learn how to manipulate and wield cold weapons.

In addition, after the game is hidden, the winners and the losers have been personalized on the battlefield where the war was unfolded. It is said that it acted as a motivation to start.

** ■ If you get together, live and scatter, die.

The importance and fun of the squad play was also missed. The key goal of War haven is the team’s victory, and it is important to play strategic team play for this. A squad of four people can move in unison and experience advanced fun according to the squad leader. In this regard, an employee who participated in the test said, Even if the control is insufficient, it was the highest sense of accomplishment when we won the squad leader step by step.

It’s not all about the battle. There are times when different strategies are needed depending on the battlefield and the situation. In a strategic play that uses ‘human cannon’ to disturb the enemy in a hurry, or overturns the war with a strategic play that uses ‘human cannon’, or in this test, ‘Hara’, which was added in this test, attacked the enemy using ‘glider’ in the highlands. The strategy of is typical.

■ Expectations for further developments such as new mode ‘convoy’, world pass, soldier skin, etc.

Since the last alpha test, ‘War haven’ has developed further. In the newly added ‘Song Surgeon’, ‘World Pass’, which has been upgraded with fierce strategy battles in the fierce strategy battles of ‘convoy’, and the experience gained from the gameplay, and the world pass, which has a variety of rewards. It will be introduced.

‘War haven’ can compete or work with other users outside the battlefield to achieve its goals, and in the World Pass, you can expand the territory of your country or war with other countries. In addition, as there are various skins that contain new appearances of soldiers such as sheet Gum armor and general costumes, the users who are unhappy because there is no customization element in the last alpha test will also be satisfied.

At the end of the company’s test, Lee Eun-seok, who oversees the development of ‘Washable’, said, There was a participation and positive feedback from employees who exceeded expectations in this in-house test. I hope you will enjoy the thrilling hundreds.

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