According to the press release of the DFB, the referees are to punish controversial habits of goalkeepers in case of penalty lawbreakers. Particularly, it has to do with policy 14. Right here it says: The goalkeeper has to remain on the goal line between the goal articles without touching a goal article, the crossbar or the goal network till the sphere was played with the foot (…) When performing the penalty, the goalkeeper needs to go to least component of a foot, above or behind the goal line.

After carrying out the penalty, the umpire needs to as a result make a decision whether the caretaker relocated away from his prescribed setting prematurely. Far there has actually been a resistance location, which has now been entirely deleted. According to the DFB, this discretion was just used in the 2021/22 season in 2 out of 17 penalty wrongdoers.

Var must interfere

If the goalkeeper moves away from the goal line too early and also holds the penalty, it should be repeated. The VAR is additionally required to step in if the umpire does not see it. The rule is currently utilized globally. The objective is to stay clear of various analyses based on a discernment.

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