Human jelly is the director of the JDH Game Research Institute? Gaebal Guys Episode 1 released

The first episode of the first game development entertainment contents ‘Avalon’ was released on the official YouTube of the first game development entertainment contents.

In the first episode of ‘Global Norms’, the famous streamers ‘Tahiti’, ‘Human Jelly’, and ‘Hyo-chan (Kim Yeo-jin)’ have a team called ‘JDH Game Research Institute’. Do. The cast will be commissioned by small and medium-sized and indie game developers with poor development environments and participate in consulting with their opinions and ideas about the game.

In the first episode, he conducted game knowledge, graphics, and sound tests to verify the cast’s knowledge of the game. In the first quiz, human jelly and Hyo-chan scored three points each, scoring the first place. In the graphic test that sets some images and the image of the game, Ta Young, who was sluggish in the previous quiz, won the first place in four questions. In the final sound test that matches the BGM of which game, the human jelly wins and shows the qualifications to be the director of the JDH Game Research Institute.

Since then, the representative of the developer who is in the Susan Global Game Center sent a video letter to the JDH Game Research Institute and asked for help with the current situation and the game under development. In the next episode, the cast will visit the developer to play the game and deliver various opinions on the game.

The videos of the naval are uploaded to the official YouTube channel every Friday, and are still supported by developers who need help through e-mail. More details can be found on the YouTube channel.

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