Pokemon GO Koreas first safari zone… Rediscovery

[ Park Yeo-jin] The entire San Lake Park has been colored with ‘Pokémon’.

The Safari Zone, the first Pokémon GO Live Festival in Korea, will be held at San Lake Park and will be held from 9 am to 6 pm every day for three days until the 25th.

The clear weather with the typhoon and the lake park full of flowers will be an opportunity to rediscover Loyang City while acquiring a new Pokémon of Flower Theme.

On this day, the lake park was decorated with a festival where families, friends, lovers, etc. can meet and interact with each other.

Team Lounge, which can be gathered by teams for a while, ‘Battle Area’ where the championship between trainers will be played, and ‘Trade Zone’ where you can exchange Pokémon, and cute Pikachu welcomes visitors at every time I took a picture.

In this festival, special Pokémon appears to stimulate trainers’ desire to collect. On the first day, ‘Flabby (blue flower)’, which is a representative symbol of Loyang City, included A, N, G, O, and Y-shaped ‘Anning’. In addition, Pikachu, who wore safari hats during the event during the event, Caterpillar, Mignon, Governor, Altos, Bhikkuri, Kublai, Special Pokémon: Mousse Him, and lucky Anning (Y) and Sheet You can meet.

If you want to enjoy Pokémon GO properly, you can get the benefit by purchasing a ticket that can participate in one day in three days. General admission tickets (12 pm-18 pm) are 16,000 won pre-admission tickets (09 am-18 pm) for 24,000 won.

Ticket buyers can benefit from acquiring rare Pokémon, increasing the number of exchanges, paying medals, and increasing the duration of incense.

However, even if there is no ticket, it is possible to enter the lake park, take a commemorative photo and acquire a first-come, first-served basis, and use the team lounge and other facilities. The user who visited the site said, San Lake Park is the first visit to this event, and it is so beautiful and better than expected.

In Loyang City, the Safari Zone is very encouraging. After the first Safari Zone, it is also interesting to see the ‘Pokémon GO’ festival in other domestic cities.

At the opening ceremony on the 23rd, Loyang Mayor Lee Dong-hwan said, I think this event will have a tremendous economic effect from Loyang City. said.


We are talking with many cities, but it is difficult to disclose it right now, said Pagan Nature Live Event Manager. Do it.

This event is an opportunity to meet and connect a lot of users, he said. I hope you will come to the battle area or trading area and don’t be ashamed and actively meet other users.

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