Participation in Google Korea-US startup Summit, I will inform you more in Korea

Google Play announced on the 22nd that it has participated in the Korea-US startup Summit, hosted by the Small and Medium Venture Business Division. ‘Korea-US Startup Summit’ held on September 20-21 (local time) at Pier 17, New York, USA, was designed to support Korean startups’ global advancement and provide networking opportunities with global companies.

Google Play established the exhibition hall of the ‘Window’ program, a domestic small and medium-sized developer growth support program, and introduced four places of ‘Ida’, ‘Sticky Hands’, ‘Space Audi’ and ‘Play had’ and demonstrated the services of each developer. In the exhibition hall, a total of 400 visitors visited and experienced apps and games and shared feedback. Kim Min-woo, CEO of Sticky Hands, the first developer of the window program, said, As a representative of the domestic startup, I am proud of the status of the domestic startup that is expanding to the global market, and at the same time meet with the Korean-US startup ecosystem officials to discover more overseas users. It was a meaningful event because I can get it.

In ‘Startup Demo Day’, which was held as part of ‘Korea-US Startup Summit’, Gang Ji-woong of the 3rd window program ‘Ida’ held an investment presentation. The Korean language education app, which recorded 2 million downloads by implementing a situation in which foreigners talk to Koreans in a virtual simulation, led to the hot reaction of investors. He also participated in the introduction of the Caesar Cooperation Model, which introduces the US-based venture capital and accelerators. Kim Min-woo, CEO of Sticky Hands, CEO of the 2nd ‘Play Hands’, Shin Jung-hyuk of the 2nd ‘Play Hard’, and Kim Hodgkin of the 3rd ‘Space Audit’, as a presenter, the importance of entering the overseas market and the business growth through the window program. Share.


The ‘window’ program, which follows the front letters of ‘Chang’ up and ‘GU’, is a representative developer win-win program with Google Play, Small and Medium Venture Business and Entrepreneurship Agency. The window program was launched in 2019 with the vision of becoming a ‘window’, which is the door to the opportunity for Korean small and medium-sized developers to enter a wider global stage. It is currently a successful cooperation case for companies and governments and one of the best startup accelerator programs in Korea. Through this program, the Small and Medium Venture Business Department will provide commercialization funds, and Google Play provides a variety of growth support packages such as advancement of app and game services, global expansion, marketing and monetization strategy consulting.

Kim Byung-soo, president of Google Korea, said, With this Korea-US startup summit, we can confirm our startup support efforts and willingness to startups between the two countries, and once again feel the status of K-startups that extend to the world. We will continue to introduce Korean startups to the United States, and we will spare no effort to connect Korean companies that need investment and overseas venture capital.

Karen Bhatia Google Global Policy VP emphasizes the importance of technical leadership to lead the digital age by participating in the ‘Global Corporate Talks’ presided over by the Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business. Did.

Leslie Miller, Google Global Policy VP, visited the Korea-US startup Summit Program booth and said, Google is a start-up based in the United States that started from a garage 20 years ago. This is why Google deeply sympathizes with the endless potential and possibilities of startups and supports for the development of the startup ecosystem. I sincerely hope.

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